How To Gain How To Write SEO Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?

How To Gain How To Write SEO Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?

By: SolutionsHint    99 views Updated: 01st Feb, 2018
How To Write SEO Friendly Post Title

SEO (Search Engine  Optimization) is one of the most important factors of page ranking in and every blogger are considering it but they do not care with this and they just start blogging and write a post every day, but after some time they realize “Why I am not getting traffic from google search?” and because of SEO. In the SEO there are many pillar on-page SEO, off-page SEO, meta title, meta description, Keyword density, ALT tag, longtail keyword, internal linking, inbound & outbound link, and many more.

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But here we will discuss one of the most topics post titles, that really helps in google search engine ranking and also with other search engine rankings like yahoo and bing. So if you are writing a blog and not getting organic traffic from Google that is the most important reason “why you are not getting ?”.

So whenever start writing an article always make the focus on post title which is also known as heading and entrance point of the blog post and must be between 50 – 60 character and not more than.

Essential step to Write Seo Friendly Post Title

If you are ready to write an amazing blog post and want to get more organic traffic from Google and another search engine now follows these tips to gain more in less time.

1. Keyword Research

we are still talking about keyword research because if you are a blogger and have a business understanding then we know the steps that market analyses same as in the SEO to write SEO friendly blog post first analyze keyword and then start to write there are many keyword research tool is available in the market some are paid and some are in free. so you can use to find right keyword for your blog post.

Keyword Research Tool list: 

In above I used Google Adwords Keyword Tool to keyword research and one of the most reason behind that is “Free” no need to pay to google and another reason this is the product of google so no worry about it and free to use without any doubt.

2. Focus Keyword in Post Title

Focus keyword is WordPress SEO by Yoast language, in SEO we say target keyword, so just after keyword analyses you have to pick your target keyword for your blog post  as “Seo Friendly Post”  is your keyword but to make more attractive make it longtail keyword as “How To Gain How To Write Seo Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?”. This type of title increase the chance of search engine friendly and attractive too, this kind of attractive titles makes the people eager to open your article and read it.

3. Always Include Keyword In Permalink

Now we have written an attractive blog post title ( entrance point of blog post) now we another important term of SEO post permalinks in other languages (page URL, Page Slug) permalinks is also played very important role in page ranking so we will learn which how to make attractive and user friendly  URL with SEO optimized title.

Let a take an example we have taken post title is: “How To Gain How To Write Seo Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?”  and how and which would be the best permalink according to the title.

so to make user-friendly post permalink you can use only target keyword in post permalink that makes more attractive to your blog post. in my mind, there are some FAQSs which I will share below.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q 1. Can we write post title more than 60 characters?

Ans. Yes, you can write, but that will be not SEO friendly so I would suggest 50- 60 character only.

Q 2. What is longtail keyword in SEO?

Ans: longtail keyword made from one or more word is called as longtail keywords, suppose your keyword is ( SEO Friendly) these are two words but adding more word with this keyword like (How To Write Seo Friendly Post Title) these contain 7 words that are called longtail keyword.

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