Tips For WordPress Create Admin User Through PHPMyAdmin

WordPress Create Admin User

WordPress is very popular and most used content management system nowadays, and if you are using WordPress to choose your blogging platform and forgot deleted your admin account from WordPress database because when we deleted an administrator row from the database we could not log in into WordPress admin panel to manage our content. So if you are one of them then follow these tips that will definitely help to recover your admin account.

Tips For WordPress Create Admin User Through MySQL

  1. Fist login into PHPMyAdmin
  2. Select your database to whom you want to create admin role
  3. After selecting a database, click on SQL tab from the top of PHPMyAdmin pannel
  4. Now run the below query to create the admin role

Step 1: First Log into phpMyAdmin and select your database

Step 2:  Now will create the admin role and its capability in the usermeta table of WordPress.

Step 3: Now will set the user level for admin

Notes: 10 for admin, Anything else pleases leave a comment.




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