WordFence Security: All in One Security Plugin for WordPress

WordFence Security: All in One Security Plugin for WordPress

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A blog of  blogger’s every thing. And it’s blogger’s to keep our blogs secure&safe, like your homes, safe and secure. In particular, when you are running a WordPress blog handled by multiple author , your role make sure the security of your blog becomes even more important keep blog secure.Today, I will be explain one useful plugin called WordFence Security. It’s a WordPress security plugin which performs multiple tasks.We have talked about a few WordPress and most popular security plugins to check if your blog has been hacked .

WordFence security plugin Feature  (Free Version )

WordFence is a free plugin, and it also available with pro version options. The free version, however, can handle everything just fine.

1. Set one-click Security Level

With one-click security, you can set security level you want for your blog. For example, WordPress blog owners(admin) who are under heavy attack can set their one-click security level to better security.

2. Email Alerts

you can set your notification options for security . I always set it for a few scenarios like “Alert on critical problem in blog” , “Alert on warnings”, and “Alert when an admin user logged in”.

3. Live Traffic View

This is a really great option to see visitor on WordPress dashboard , but I would not recommend you enable this feature for a heavy site.

4. Firewall Rules Security

This is useful feature if you wish to control the access of bots on your site.

5. Login security features

Login security features. If you want use any login security plugin in your blog, you can get rid of it! WordFence can be configured to send you notifications for any user who try to login into your WordPress dashboard, and can issue lock-outs from logging in after (x) failed login attempts.

6. Avoid DDoS attacks security

How to  secure blog with WordFence Security plugin

  1. just download and install WordFence Security plugin .
  2. Download WordFence security Plugin here .
  3. Click on WordFence > Scan from left side menu .
  4. Click on Start on WordFence Scan Button .
  5. You can also block the IP by entering IP address .
  6. Go to WordFence > Blocking  and enter IP .
  7. Enjoy with WordFence All in one Security .

Screenshot Tutorial

1. Scan WordFence scan from here  .

WordFence Security: All in One Security Plugin for WordPress

2. Block IP according to the country feature .WordFence Security: All in One Security Plugin



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