What is Web Designing?

What is Web Designing?

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What is Web Designing

When we create, update, or plan any website, we call it Web Designing. As the builder of a builder has to make the building, in the same way, Web Designer’s work is to be created.

 Web Designing has two parts·        

  • Front End Web Design 
  • Back End Web Developer

 Front End Web Design

As the name suggests, Front End Web Design delivers in front, i.e. from the part that is visible to the user. When we open any website, whatever happens in front of us is the work of Front End designer.

If we compare it with a car then the work of Front End designer is to beautify the car, it does not make sense with the engine, the battery engine inside the car is the job of all the Back End Developer.

Back End Web Developer

Work of the Back End Developer is not visible to the visitor, but without the development, a great website cannot be created. You can consider back-end web designing as the foundation of any website. This designing does not appear to the user, but it has the largest hand in making the website. From back-end web designing, the website owner can stop a variety of things so that you can not open those things.


What to learn to become a Web Designer?

Front End Web Design and Back End Web Development should be both information to become a good Web Designer. 

What to Learn for Front End Design?

First, we start with Front End Designing.

Photoshop Basics

Just like we build a map from the architecture to build the house, in the same way before designing the website, we should have an idea that the website will look like. Many people design the entire website on a lot of photoshop, but those who are experts do make Photoshop just to create a blueprint or prototype.


HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language HTML is a markup language used to make the framework of the website. HTML is a language that is written in the form of code. Learning HTML is very easy. Once you have learned HTML, you can create a simple Static Website.


CSS means Cascading Style Sheet. HTML is used to give structure to our website and on the other hand, CSS is used to design the structure of our HTML, it is used to give the style to our design.


Here we start programming completely. HTML / CSS creates our website, but JS is used to make the design interactive. With Interactive I mean, if you click on the Friend request icon on Facebook, a drop down opens below. JavaScript detects what the user has done on your website and according to that action, it changes the design. When the images are moving around on a website then JavaScript rotates them.

HTML and CSS can make a really good Static Website. If you just learned Photoshop, HTML and CSS, then you can find a job in an IT company and create a good website. 

What to Learn for Front End Design?

With HTML / CSS / JS you can create a static website, you can not create features like hum database entry, Login, Register in a static website.


However, many languages can be run on the backend, but initially learning PHP is easy. PHP is very powerful and can cause every feature to perform. Facebook was built on PHP only. Learning PHP is also beneficial because it allows us to create a website with less money. With this, we can also learn to design a website on WordPress, the world’s largest website, and blogs are made on WordPress, so learning PHP will make it easier for you to create WordPress.


When we make an ID on Facebook or watch a video on YouTube So this is where all the data is stored, we call Data Base. The most commonly used data is MySQL, after learning it, you can also store the logos of data on your website. Languages like PHP are being used to store anything in a database like MySQL.

Where to start?

 Many people ask these questions, I tell you to step by step today what to do.

  • Start learning HTML.
  • Simultaneously learn basic things like Photoshop, Photoshop does not need to go much advanced.
  • When your hand starts running in HTML, then you have started learning CSS.  Create something by using HTML / CSS everyday
  • After learning HTML / CSS thoroughly start learning JavaScript
  • Know basic JavaScript
  • Then start PHP, and look at making some projects.
  • Learn to create websites on WordPress
  • Now make a simple project by using PHP and DataBase as well. After doing so much, you will become a good web design for the level. After so much skill, you can earn money in dollars by freelance word on the internet. Or you can apply for a job in a good company.

Web Designing is a skill that will be very demanding in the future. 

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