What is Users, Session, Pageviews In Google Analytics

What is Users, Session, Pageviews In Google Analytics

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What is Users, Session, Pageviews In Google Analytics

we always monitor visitor activity through Google Analytics, google analytics is a best free tool to monitor all the user activity performed on the website. So we see the users, sessions on top of Google Analytics dashboard.

But newbie blogger is confused even, I was confused for a long time and never focus on that activity how Google Analytics show and what is sessions and users in google analytics.

So Here I will explain to users, session, and page views to Google Analytics.

What Is Session: Google Analytics

Suppose you the visitor,  and you visit any website and sudden exit from the site, and again after one day again you visit the same website that will count 2 sessions.

Example: Session always gets expire after 30 minutes, if you will visit the same website again and again within 30 minutes, google analytics count only 1 session for the same user.

If you will visit the same website after 30 minutes, google analytics count no of session for same users.

Note: 1 user can create multiple session. 

What is User: Google Analytics

Users and session quit different thing for google analytics because 1 users can create multiple sessions but the user will be always more unique for google analytics Matrix.

Example: Suppose you are the user and you visit  and exit from the site, again the same day and different day you again the same website then Google Analytics will count 1 users, but the session can me many for same users.

What is Pageviews: Google Analytics

The page is totally different from users and session and it’s simple if you visit any website and again you visit the different page for the same website like, about us, contact us, services and much more then google analytics show the stats like:

Users: 1

Session: 1 or more

Page views: 3

Hope, You got it now, else drop me a comment.

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