What is Difference Between Fetch & Fetch and Render in Google Webmaster

What is Difference Between Fetch & Fetch and Render in Google Webmaster

By: SolutionsHint    91 views Updated: 10th Sep, 2018
What is Difference Between Fetch & Fetch and Render

This is the common functionality of google webmaster tool Fetch and Feth and Render, every blogger use this functionality but never notice on that what is What is Difference Between and what exactly works. So whenever I was using this functionality I also not aware of this and faster crawling & indexing I always use just after publishing a new post and comes to the webmaster and submit my new Post URL to google webmaster tool.

Every one only they help us to faster indexing and crawling but in this post, I will share you what is the difference between these two Fetch & Fetch and Render functionality of Google webmaster tool.

What is the Difference Between Fetch and Fetch and Render

Fetch: When you give the command for Fetch an URL at Search Console, it means Googlebot will not crawl images, CSS, Javascript.

Fetch and Render: When you use this option, Googlebot will also crawl CSS, Javascript. It will crawl each & everything from coding part to content.

Note: Googlebot can crawl the re-directed URL in ‘Fetch and Render’ only.

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