What is Best Internal Linking Structure for SEO

17 August, 2018 Hozaifa Sheikh 129 Views
What is Best Internal Linking Structure for SEO

Internal Linking Structure: is really important for Search engine optimization(SEO) and also for the established and growing blog and also for the user navigation from one post to another post, which also helps to keep healthy bounce rate of blog or website. But nowadays people are using a lot of unused or unuseful internal linking inside the article which spoils the user experience that directly effects on a blog post. It doesn’t mean if internal linking is important then we will start using a huge number of the unused link to rank our blog post on top search engine result page.

Soi would explain which is a better way that you may use internal linking four article

Best Internal Linking Structure for SEO

  • If the whole sentence is pointing to the previous post then use internal linking. Which will help a new audience to know more about the related post?
  • Don’t use internal linking in the first paragraph of the post, that may increase the bounce rate of your website that may be harmful to SEO.
  • Don’t use unnecessary internal linking at anywhere at any place
  • Use internal linking at the right place
  • Use maximum 4 -5 internal linking in 500-word post length
  • Never use internal linking for the target keyword and focus keyword for another post

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