What are the best Blogs Font: Latest Edition

What are the best Blogs Font: Latest Edition

By: SolutionsHint    63 views Updated: 26th Jul, 2018
What are the best Blogs Font

Whenever we start blogging we are really worried about which should I choose font family for our blog that may create the differences from other blogs in user experience also in readability and user can read my blog post and also looks pretty with my blog. So here I will share you the top and most used font by the blog in trends some are free and some are paid but really amazing.

best Blogs Font List 2018

  1. PT Serif
  2. Alegreya
  3. Alegreya Sans
  4. Rubik
  5. Libre Franklin
  6. Lora
  7. Fira Sans
  8. Gentium Basic
  9. Arvo
  10. Spectral
  11. Roboto regular
  12. sans-serif

These are the most used font in trending, the list will be updated according to year and blogs!

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