10 Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Website Instantly

4 January, 2018 Hozaifa Sheikh 347 Views
Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate – is one of the most important parts of Google analytics matrix, which show the percentage of visitors to a particular website/blog who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page is called as bounce rate. Most of the people are not aware of bounce rate and how to reduce the bounce rate of website/blog.

So here I have some perfect point that will really help you to reduce bounce rate of your website/blog.

1. Avoid Popup Ads

Whenever we start blogging after some time we start thinking about “how to make money from AdSense”, so we start targeting audience to increase traffic  instantly,  and we choose popups ads on landing page, that will really spoil the users experience,  so visitor sudden get exist from blog post and our website/blog bounce rate increased.


Recommendation: Never use too much popup ads on the landing page, it spoils the user’s experience.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Internal Linking

As per new Google Panda update, now important of internal linking is become an essential part of Google search engine ranking factor, so everyone is writing more post to rank their blog post based on internal linking, but they forgot one thing, internal linking is good but unnecessary internal linking is bad for website bounce rate.

So always avoid unnecessary internal linking into the blog post, and provide an only relevant link to the same blog.

Recommended: Avoid unnecessary internal linking for the blog post.

Internal Linking

3. Avoid Post Share in irrelevant  Place

When we start blogging,  for some time our motive is to be as a passion, but suddenly get change and start thinking “how I will gain more traffic on our blog” and how to make money from my blog. In this case we don’t care about bounce rate of website/blog and we start sharing on social media like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, Quora, and many more, but we never notice,  where we are posting and sharing our post, the users are not interested in such an article and in some cases he click and reached out on our blog. But they can’t stay for a longer time and instantly exit from a webpage that will increase your bounce rate. So avoid it

Social Media Share

Recommended: Avoid Post share on Irrelevant Social media groups and forum.

4. Write Fresh and Quality Content

Writing an article is not an easy task, so whenever we start blogging we have energy and power for some days and slowly slowly are coming down and start to look for copy paste content for our blog that is a really bad habit in all cases. 

Write Fresh Content

Recommended: Avoid More lengthy paragraph, try use present your article in pointwise.

5. Design your Blog/ website smartly

Smart look always has first priority for everyone, so whenever you think to start blogging first  do one thing smart design for your website/blog then starts to write that really help for users experience.

website design

6. Never Write Blog post Too much Lengthy

Always optimize your blog post within a specific length. as we know that search engine optimization rules (i.e the post length must be between 300- 800 character), it’s true and doesn’t mean if we have no more to write. fill our blog post with lot of unnecessary paragraph content.

Blog Post Length

Recommend: Try short summary for your blog post, the length should be in between 300-800.

7. Use Chat system

Chat system is the best way to maintain your bounce rate of your website, because now everyone wants to quick reply from another end, so some time user comes on your website/blog and they have different query and he starts looking for chatting system to quick reply,  in that case, he may exit if there is no other option will be available for visitor , and your website bounce rate will increase.

So always use chat system for your blog that definitely will reduce bounce rate.

Chat System

8. Website Loading Time

Website loading: Time is really important for website rankings and also for the user’s experience. Google loves the faster website than low website loading time, so always optimize your website/blog for better google ranking and also for reducing bounce rate, because if the website will be slow then the visitor will exit from your site instant, and it’s directly will effect on your website bounce rate.

Website Loading

9. Site Navigation

Always use site navigation user-friendly for the visor, because if they start reading and when come on article endpoint, if they interested then start looking for another article, so, in this case, your sidebar or related post

Site Navigation

 10. Blog Search functionality

website search function is the perfect way to find our query in short time, some website owner have some functionality but dead, search functionality not working, so the user is unable to find the information from search result too. Then he has no other option so might be exit and your website bounce rate will be affected.

Hope this will help on your blog.



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