Latest Top 5 Cms (Content Management System) in the World

15 November, 2017 Hozaifa Sheikh 90 Views
Top 5 Cms

In this post, I will explain you ” top 5 ”  Content Management System in the world (CMS), Content Management System is a really great source of developing a website and web application without codding and skill.

Top 5 Content Management System in the World

1. WordPress, Free, Open Source (PHP, MySql)

top 5 content management system in world

WordPress is considered as the top ” Content Management System”  in the world according to the users choice . its really free open source and great users experience, it’s really easy to use and easy to manage content according to the user requirement. There are 75 million websites are using to built there website and blog. 409 million people are using the WordPress nowadays, WordPress first appeared in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

2. Joomla, Free, Open Source ( Content Management System) (PHP, MySql )

best cms in world

Joomla is also 2nd top content management system in the world, its mainly used by the company for there website.

including MTV, Harvard University, and IHOP . its suitable for back-end network. Joomla is basically used for inventory control systems to reservation systems, to complex business directories, in addition to normal websites.

Who Developed Joomla and When Joomla Developed

Joomla is developed by Johan in 2002, there is 7000  extension are available to free download and use.

3. Drupal, Open Source, Free, PHP Based

top 10 cms in wordpress  for PHP

Drupal is 3rd Top content management system in the world, MIT, Sony Music, Fast Company, and others. It includes a bunch of features for building internal and external sites and a ton of tools for organizing your content.

Drupal Basically used for Complex website, there are 6000 Module is available in market on Drupal

Who Developed Drupal and When Developed Drupal

Drupal is developed by, Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder in 2000.

4. Textpattern, Free, Open Source, PHP Based

Textpattern is considered 4th top content Management system in the world, its Developed by the originally developed by

Dean Allen. Textpattern basically built in PHP and MySQL.

Its old content management system and developed in 2003.

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