Top 3 website traffic analysis tools For WordPress

Top 3 website traffic analysis tools For WordPress

By: SolutionsHint    34 views Updated: 15th Jan, 2018
Top 3 website traffic analysis tools For WordPress

When we come on the topic to analyzing blog traffic statistics monitoring, we have different tools to analyze your blog stats. Some of them are paid and, and some are free Tool. When it’s come to free open source tool to analyze blog traffic, No one will suggest better than Google Analytics . because they have everything within single Dashboard.

List of Blog traffic statistics tool

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics one of the most popular tool for traffic stats program, Google analytics is the best and available for free (No Need to Pay). I am using it since I start my web development careers, and I don’t’ think any other tool which is better than Google Analytics.

2. Sitemeter

iteMeter Real Time Tracking

Sitemeter is another great tool to monitor website stats. But I don’t use it on all of my blogs because I am using Google Analytics, But some people use Site Monitor tool to monitor their traffic stats.

3. WordPress Jetpack plugin

Jetpack WordPress Plugin

This is one of most popular WordPress plugin also every one favorite plugin to keep track our website stats. I like so much this plugin because I can see my traffic stats in real time from WordPress dashboard too. Most important about, it helps me to find out daily stats of posts.

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