Tips for Using H1 to H6 Right Way: Important of Heading Tags in SEO

Tips for Using H1 to H6 Right Way: Important of Heading Tags in SEO

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Important of Heading Tags in SEO

As we know, heading tags are the most important part of every web document to categorize the content. By using heading tags, we always differentiate our web page content and also for focusing the main content according to the keyword. so using a heading tag its not only help in the structure of the content. It makes your post better SEO optimized.

How to define Heading tag in web content?

First thing always use heading tag in hierarchy (lower to higher order).

<H1> Topics Heading </H1>
<H2> Topics Heading </H2>
<H3> Topics Heading </H3>
<H4> Topics Heading </H4>
<H5> Topics Heading </H5>
<H6> Topics Heading </H6>

 HTML support only 6 heading tag for web content. So always use H1 tag for your main heading content and start with always h1 tag too.

Note: Never try to style heading tag for your content. Because styling heading tag you will lower the value of website content.

How to use Heading Tags for SEO Purpose?

1. Purpose of heading tag

The primary purpose of heading tag is to categorize your content with different headings so that your content becomes more readable to the audience. Now we and everyone know H1 tag play very important role for SEO too, so whenever you use it for your website page content heading just try to make it in structure.

2. Hierarchy of heading tag

As per SEO rules, the heading tag always should start with an H1 tag. H1 tag should be the entry point of website content and the H6 tag should be exit point.

Note: You can only use H1, H2, H3 must. In case you need then go to h4, h5, h6.

3. Use Keyword in Heading Tag

Keywords are the first and most important term of any SEO Expert. we should always do the research of best keywords according to our web page and then categorize these keywords into focus keyword, The keyword always should be used in H1 tag and try to use in subheading tag of your webpage content. So for if you will use more heading tag for your content. it will also help in keyword density and also in use of a keyword in heading tag.

4. To single Page website

Heading tags are important for the proper On-page SEO of your website posts. So we always mention for a new blogger they always skip H2, H3 tag in website content, they only use only one tag (i.e H1). So for proper categorization of your webpage content use all tag if its possible else must use (h1, h2, h3).

Hope this help, if not enough please mention me in the comment.


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