Subdomain Vs Subfolder which is Best for SEO

Subdomain Vs Subfolder which is Best for SEO

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Subdomain Vs Subfolder

Subdomain Vs Subfolder – If you have planned to start a blog site and business site, then website structure always plays a very important role for search engine optimization (SEO) and also to will help to grow your business, so if you are getting confused between Subdomain Vs Subfolder which is best for SEO point  of view. This is article will help you choose the right structure according to your business or blog.

Subdomains Advantages

  • The subdomain is best and preferable for technical implementation
  • A subdomain is best for the marketing perspective
  • A subdomain is best for theme and content categorization
  • A subdomain is best to keep the content on a separate URL e.g., the brand reputation is being protected more as the content would not be directly on the main website.

Subdomains Disadvantages

  • Search engine always treat the subdomain as a new website and URL for the same site
  • all search engines view them as separate sites, they are treated as separate domains
  • To maintain all subdomain same main domain need to create same backlinks over time, it would now be necessary to build up the same backlinks for the subdomain if you expect to see similar results.
  • Separate SSL for all subdomain

Subfolders Advantages

  • if you compare with subdomain Vs subfolder from SEO perspective. Then subfolder options are best
  • The clean way to keep any theme content users or categorized and helps to keep web files neatly organized
  • In terms of SEO, pages set up in a subfolder-like structure will take benefit  of the main domain
  • Single SSL for all subfolder
  • There is no effect on domain authority compare to create the subdomain

Subfolders Disadvantages

  •  If you have a low domain authority, having a high large no of pages could reduce the rankings of your other pages as the authority is shared over a higher amount of pages
  •  If the content you are putting in your subfolder less important than your main domain content then a sub-domain setup may be better.


If you are looking for SEO prospective then Go for subfolders, and if for your business marketing then subdomain is good for your business!!!

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