What is Stop Words in Your Focus Keywords ?

What is Stop Words in Your Focus Keywords ?

By: SolutionsHint    51 views Updated: 11th Jan, 2018
What is Stop Words in Your Focus Keywords

In this tutorial, i will guide you about ” Stop Words in Your Focus Keywords” Stop words are those keyword words, which are partially or completely ignored by google search engines. Stop Words are the, an, a, of, or, many, etc. about 30% of the blog posts around are using Stop Words on their website worldwide. They have nothing to do with the content.  in both search queries, results are filtered out different in both cases.

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Why Google Search engines ignore stop words?

They Stop words create many problems in search engines like ambiguity, server load time , etc. And It also helps google search engines to deliver faster results than without Stop Words. So these words have nothing to do with the getting of the results, then it does make sense to filter out stop words from search queries.

What is their role of Stop Words in SEO

Most of people and also SEO experts and even Yoast plugin suggests you to remove stop words from a Blog post URL, Blog post title, and focus keyword. They say that including stop words, it lowers the ranking of your  blog posts in Search Engine Result Page( SERPs). Stop words hurt SEO as people consider : It’s not completely true about Stop Words.

Google’s has primary aim to improve user experience. So Filtering out stop words, most of the times sentence without Stop Words  spoils the user experience.

Stop words are necessary for modifying  the pharse sentences to readable form . They create the meaningful sentences. Google is being smarter day by day, it’ s also realising that discouraging use of stop words spoils the user experience.

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