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Learn How To Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround [2019 Guide]

29 April, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 186 Views
Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround

A blog is an online platform where we can write and share own experience and knowledge through writing an article and visitor comes to the blog and read an article and discuss on specific topics, is said to be blogging. In past year blogging was used only for the passion and now become a market platform where we can help an audience also can make money online from blog. So if you a plan start a WordPress blog then I would suggest the topmost web hosting SiteGround which is also recommended by WordPress.org which have three different plan according to your budget.

So if you’re ready to go with SiteGround web hosting I’ll guide you from beginning to writing a first blog post with SiteGround web hosting.

I’ll cover this list of topics which will help you to start a WordPress blog with SiteGround :

  • Select a niche according to your desired choice
  • Choose a domain name/blog name related to blog niche ( always pick a domain name to relate to blog topics)
  • Get SiteGround Webhosting
  • Install WordPress in SiteGround Hosting
  • Verify site with Google Webmaster and Other webmasters
  • Configure to Google Analytics to track stats of visitor also most viewed category, pages, and post, tags
  • Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Install from one day of blogging
  • Get List of Tools and Extensions that helps in blogging
  • Write eye catchy blog title and URLs
  • Get Ready to Write and publish your first blog post with SiteGround Web Hosting
  • How To drive traffic for your blog
  • Make money online from blogging
  • Start a WordPress Blog with SiteGround: FAQs

Why blogging is a ready great way to help user, also make money online?

  • You are helping others, you are making happy of a person which most important for any being human
  • Boss Free life
  • No Working hour time
  • No schedule of work and emailed
  • No office, you can start from anywhere with (traveling, home, beaches, and many more way)
  • Promote your business through blogging
  • Easy way to learn more day by day, blogging is a way that learns and share
  • Communicate with the world through blogging
  • Make money online

Why do we recommend SiteGround Webhosting to start a WordPress Blog which has the following features?

Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround is Recommended By WordPrees.orgThe first and most important reason is it’s recommended by WordPress.org and which have the following inbuilt feature:

  • Free WordPress install, No need to install if you want to go for SiteGround WordPress hosting
  • Free WordPress migratory
  • Free SSL/HTTPS which is recommended by Google, always use the secure website, its also help in SEO
  • Free email services
  • Free cloud flare CDN ( CDN help to fast loading of web pages)
  • Free Daily backup ( no need to worry to take an everyday backup off the site, if something goes wrong), SiteGround offer free backup which is more secure than others web hosting.
  • WordPress auto-update ( no need to check update of a new release of WordPress, SiteGround help to auto-update WordPress, we know that an updated WordPress would help your security)
  • 24/7 full customer support
  • 30 days money back guaranty
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited MySQL database

Get SiteGround Plan       

 Top 10 Step to Start a WordPress Blog With SiteGround

Let’s Get started to explain with all step by step guide to starting a blog with SiteGround

1. Choose & Select a Niche According to Interest

First and most important is to start a blog or start a blog with any web hosting is to decide your niche according to your interest on which you can blog.

Why always be careful while choose and select niche?

  • Because before start a blog we should have an interest, future of the blog and what is the market value of blog then choose blog niche else you would not success into blogging.
  • If you have no interest in blog niche, you can’t write and stay for longer of time, because after a period your interest may get down and you would start to wring
  • Keep patient while writing, this is fact million of bloggers who are busy in blogging, so in nowadays you have to keep patient, you will definitely will success if you are writing for users experience not for make money online

2.  Choose Right Domain/Blog name

Choose the right domain/blog name plays a very important role in blog success also helps for SEO purpose, so always be careful while booking a domain.

Recommendation: Always book domain name related to your niche, book a domain name which is user-friendly and short and descriptive that may help to tell friends, and followers, and easy to type in the browser.

Note: Domain name should have keyword specific short and simple

3. Get SiteGround WordPress Hosting

WordPress web hosting is fully optimized for WordPress blog, so same like SiteGround hosting is fully optimized for WordPress blog, because its recommend by wordpress.org which offer installed WordPress with 24/7 customer support.

So learn to get install in few steps to SiteGround WordPress hosting

 SiteGround provides the 3 different types of web hosting according to your budget and application size, so here is the list of a different plan which is offered by SiteGround web hosting.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plane: Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround So if are satisfied with SiteGround WordPress hosting, I would recommend go for startup plan first and use them, if you have a plan to run a single blog else you choose GrowBig plan of SiteGround web hosting

Justify About to choose a siteGroud Plan

  • if you want to run a single blog so go for SiteGround StartUp plan which is best for newbie blogger
  • If you want to run more than one blog, then go for GrowBig SiteGround plan which offers unlimited website/blog with 30GB web space

3.1 Get Ready to Select SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plan

After choosing word press hosting now time to come to choose SiteGround hosting plan to start a WordPress blog with SiteGround and which SiteGround plan is best to start a blog with SiteGround. Because all SiteGround have different plan and pricing according to your budget and blog size.

So don’t be confused to select and get SiteGround WordPress hosting to start a WordPress blog if you are still to confuse why and to choose a SiteGround WordPress hosting plan.

Select Plan: Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround Why StartUp Plan:

  • Best to run a single blog/website
  • Best for a newbie blogger, who has just started a blogging
  • Handle to low traffic on a blog
  • The best budget plan from SiteGround WordPress hosting
Get StartUp Plan – 70% off

Why GrowBig Plan:

  • Run multiple blogs at a time
  • Multiple MySQL database support
  • Handle huge amount
  • 20GB web space
Get GrowBig Plan – 70% off

3.2 Choose Domain

If you want to book hosting with domain from SiteGround its will be easy for you to manage each and everything from a single panel, if you have already booked a domain from anywhere else then enter your domain name in a text field and click on proceed button to complete further steps. SiteGround offering   $15.95/per year for domain

Enter Domain: Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround

Note: If you have already a domain and you have bought a domain from anywhere else then click on Register a new Domain button to proceed next.

3.3 Enter Account Information & Client Information

Enter your registered email id with a secure password, always enter the password which is safe and secure. because however you want to enter into SiteGround account, they always require registered email, password to access.

After entering account related information enter, country, first name, last name, city, address, zip code, phone no which you are currently using everywhere. Always enter correct information during the registration process.

Enter Information: Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround

After fillup, all the fields scroll down and choose a payment method to get SiteGround WordPress hosting to start a  WordPress Blog With SiteGround.

3.4 Choose Payment Method

Now enter the card related information to get a SiteGround hosting, don’t worry SiteGround is fully safe and secure used by millions of users worldwide, so don’t worry about card security enter without worry. You are going with word topmost web hosting provider. So enter card no, Card expiration date, cardholder name, CW code.

Enter Payment Detail: Start A WordPress Blog With SiteGround  

3.5 Enter Purchase Information

Verify your plan which you have chosen in beginning, siteGround also offer you can change your plan between the process, you can change from StartUp plan to GrowBig any many more. Also, you can change the server Singapore, London, etc according to your location. Also can add Extra Services to your hosting that helps you to make more secure web hosting than before. After all of the step Now time to click on the Pay Now button to get Siteground Hosting and Start a WordPress Blog With SiteGround WordPress hosting.

4. Install WordPress in SiteGround Hosting

  1. Sign in to your SiteGround Account by entering email, password, you will see the cPanel (Access panel)
  2. Now Click on WordPress installer icon to get started
  3. Now you’ ll redirected into new pages some bit review and then click on the install button to proceed.
  4. After clicking on install, button enters your account information to start a WordPress blog SiteGround hosting.
  5. Enter protocol (Https, Http) and select your domain on which you want to install & configure WordPress software.
  6. Enter Your Blog name, Blog description, Admin account related information to manage blog posts, pages.
  7. Now you are almost done click on install button and wait for a second, now you’ve successfully installed WordPress on SiteGround WordPress hosting and ready to start a WordPress Blog with SiteGround.

5. Verify site with Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster: A webmaster is responsible for maintaining a website/blog. and always make sure site are fully functional also always notify the user about, site performance, Links, click through rate (CTR). Total impression, Site Coverage issue, an issue in the site and many more.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service from Google which shows the usage statistics and organic, referral traffic and most view pages of a website which help the user to motivate to write more article from the blogging.

Google analytics feature is:

  • Custom Report Generate
  • How the user stats
  • Most views pages
  • Source of traffic
  • Traffic by country
  • any many more

6. Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Install from one Day of Blogging

When we install WordPress to start a blog, WordPress is not fully optimized, so by adding some plugin WordPress blog is get completed with SEO friendly, then non SEO gues can use this can write SEO friendly blog post. So, here I am going to share a list of the popular plugin which is important from the beginning of blogging.

6.1  Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is the most trusted plugin for WordPress blog, which is using by 5+ million users worldwide which have a lot of inbuilt features

Feature of Yoast SEO Plugin:

  • XML sitemap support
  • You can exclude post, page, category, tags from indexing
  • Can add custom breadcrumb through Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Always notify about keyword density
  • Full support about, title, description, heading tags, and alternate tags
  • Notify about the readability of blog post
Get Yoast SEO

6.2 Install W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache help to enhance the user experience by fast loading of web pages also help to reduce the page load time also offer the integrated CDN.

Following are the feature of w3 total cache:

  • Improve the search engine result
  • Improve user experience by helping of reducing page load time
  • Improve web server performance
  • Up to 80% bandwidth savings via minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and feed
  • Minfy css and js
  • Improve conversion rate which helps for better ranking
Get W3 Total Cache

6.3 Install  WordFence Security Plugin

The WordPress Wordfence Security plugin provides the best protection for WordPress blog which is used by 3+ million and also always be updated latest WordPress support.

Following are the feature of Wordfence security plugin

  • Protect your site with malware, attacker and keep virus free
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts
  • Real-time IP Blacklist blocks all requests from the most malicious IPs, protecting your site while reducing load.
Get Wordfence plugin

7. Get List of Tools and Extensions That Helps in Blogging

If you are a blogger you are not aware of a top free and paid tool which would help you in writing and creating SEO friendly and optimized blog post. I would share my blogging experience which is really helping me in my blogging life

7.1 Grammarly: Free Chrome Extention

Without Grammarly, it’s hard to blogging because Grammarly help spell mistake, verbs, also suggest the right word with the matching sentence they are available in free with most of the feature. Following some important feature of Grammarly

  • Keep Mistake free article
  • Suggest correct sentence
  • Notify the spell mistakes
  • Contextual spelling checker
Get Grammarly for Chrome

7.2  Awesome Screenshot (Chrome Extention Free)

An awesome screenshot is Google chrome extension which is the best extension for blogging because its help of taking screenshots of a selected area, full screenshot, and visible area of webpages also help to highlight the important area of webpages that help the audience fully undesirable and increase the user experience.

Following are some important feature of an awesome screenshot

  • Capture selected part of web pages
  • Capture entire web pages
  • Capture visible part of webpages
  • Record screen video
  • You can comment on screenshots
  • Can blur sensitive information of web pages
  • Highlight the important area throw arrow key, rectangle block
Get Awesome Screenshot

8. Write eye catchy Blog Title and URLs

To get more visitors for your blog post is ” Write Eye Catchy Blog Title” then always write eye catchy blog title is though, then you can generate attractive blog post title which may help to drive more traffic for your blog and your blog will start performing well than before.

These are the online tools who give the best-generated Title according to your keywords choice:


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