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How To Earn $1,000,000 Using Start A WordPress Blog With HostGator

1 July, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 104 Views
Start A WordPress Blog With HostGator

A blog is a piece of information where you can write and share your own experience and also make money online through blogging. A year ago blogging was used for getting and sharing the information from blogging, but nowadays its become business where you can make unlimited money through a different way of blogging. So before start a WordPress blog everyone is a bit confusing which is best and cheap web hosting for beginner from where we should start a WordPress blog, so I always recommend HostGator web hosting always start a WordPress blog with HostGator is the best option for newbie bloggers.

If you are aware of blogging and want to start a blog with super and reliable best web hosting then I would recommend Bluehost & SiteGround web hosting which is recommended by WordPress.org which is also best for WordPress blogs.

Why Should I Start a WordPress blog with HostGator?

  • HostGator web hosting is easy to use for non-techie guys
  • HostGator provide 24/7 customer support in all languages
  • HostGator offer one-click installation with Great user interface
  • HostGator offer to check web hosting than another web hosting
  • Hostgator has 45 days money back guarantee

Now get ready to choose and select HostGator web hosting to start a WordPress blog with HostGator, If you will see HostGator offering 50% off on WordPress web hosting, there are many web hosting are out there who offering web hosting but Bluehost and SiteGround web hosting are recommended by wordpress.org and HostGator provide cheap and reliable web hosting within a low budget.

So If you want to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost or SiteGround then get an offer from these links.

Following are a list of the topic I  would cover for start a WordPress blog with HostGator

Register your Desire Domain Name First Before Start a WordPress blog with HostGator

The first and most important steps to start a WordPress blog with any web hosting is to choose and select SEO friendly domain name that may help to grow your business and make your brand. So many people use GoDaddy to book their domain and connect their domain name with their web hosting. So if you are one of them who buy their domain name from GoDaddy and plan to buy HostGator web hosting to host their blog.

HostGator: Start A WordPress Blog With HostGator

Select a Hosting Plane From Selected Hostgator Web Hosting

HostGator offer 4 different types of web hosting to start a WordPress blog with HostGator, you can choose and select your desired web hosting plan to start your blogging and making money online.

These are a list of top Hostgator web hosting plan to start a WordPress blog, you can choose and select the web hosting from the selected list according to your budget and number of blog you want to start.

Note: These Plan may change in future, I just write my current web hosting plan from HostGator, Hostgator may change their cost and plan according to time.

Recommendation: If you are a beginner and start a single blog then I personally recommend WordPress web hosting with (Starter $3.57/Month) which is available in low budget.

Get HostGator Web Hosting Now

Connect Your Domain with HostGator Webhosting

If you have already book domain with GoDaddy and any other hosting providers, then we have to configure Booked domain with HostGator web hosting, we need to configure Domain Name server (DNS)  Or IP with web hosting.

Follow the procedure to modify the DNS name server when using GoDaddy account for your domain:

  1. Login into your GoDaddy account, log in into GoDaddy account
  2. Next click on Domain, Click Launch
  3. Select the domain, if you have a list of the domain, click modify the domain which wants to modify
  4. From The nameserver, select the nameservers
  5. Under setup type, Select custom
  6. Select add nameserver
  7. Enter the two nameservers your hosting provider gave you. For HostGator, you will find this in your Control Panel on the left-hand side. It will look something like “ns1234.hostgator.com”

For further help, check out HostGator’s help page on this subject.

Setup and Install WordPress Blog On HostGator Web Hosting

Now you have set up your account, HostGator have sent the hosting detail on your registered email ID so that you can log in into your account. In mail, you will get cPanel detail and cPanel.

Step By Step Guide to Install WordPress:

  1. Enter into HostGator cPanel Account from the URLs scroll down to applications section and click on WordPress manager section
  2. Click on WordPress Manager
  3. After clicking in WordPress manager one more window will be open, click on Install button from the top
  4. Choose and select the domain on which you want to install WordPress
  5. Now click on “Install Now button” to proceed and install WordPress on HostGator web hosting
  6. Wait, you have successfully installed WordPress on Hostgator web hosting

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