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The Best Way To Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost [70% Discount]

20 April, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 131 Views
Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

A Blog is an online platform, where you can write and share your knowledge and experience what you’ve learned and what you are learning in your life and help the readers through your blogging also make money online through monetizing the Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. So, if you have a plan to start a WordPress blog with BlueHost, then  Bluehost hosting is best for you to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost which also recommended by WordPress.org.  So, follow these step and book a free domain with best hosting with Bluehost and make money online through a possible way of blogging.

This post will cover the following point

  • Select a Niche on which you want to start blogging
  • Choose a perfect domain name(i.e Blog Name) to start a WordPress blog
  • Select and Get Bluehost WP Hosting (70% off)
  • Install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting
  • Verify Site with Google  Webmaster also learn How to Setup Google Analytics (User Tracking)
  • Install recommended plugin by expert blogger which may help to make a blog is fully SEO optimize
  • Follow some steps after install WordPress
  • Start to write your first blog post
  • How to drive traffic on your blog
  • How to make money online from blogging
  • Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost: FAQs

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What is Blogging?

A blog is a collection of information where you can write and share your life experience through writing and discussing on a particular topic that helps the audience which makes the user happy from your blog, also start making money online through the different way that may help boss free life.

Advantages of Start a Blog in Real Life

Following are  the most important benefit for starting a blog

  • Boss free life
  • No working hour time
  • Make Money Online
  • Share your knowledge and experience to the word through writing skill
  • Making readers happy worldwide
  • Promote your business services through blogging
  • Make money online by starting a blog

Why Start a Blog With Bluehost Web Hosting?

Bluehost is most popular and cheap web hosting used by millions of user worldwide, and also recommended by wordpress.com reason is that its offer on click installation and easy to manage and user-friendly panel, everyone can manage all the features and they provide good support 24*7

Recommend By WordPress: Start a WordPress Blog With BluehostAdvantages of Bluehost Web Hosting Over WordPress

  • Recommended By wordress.org
  • 2+ million of the website are using Bluehost web hosting
  • Get a free domain ( 1Year)
  • Free SSL (HTTPS)
  • 24*7 customer support
  • One-click installation
  • Easy to manageable
  • 30 days money back guarantee (if you are not satisfied service)
  • Best budget web Hosting service 
Bluehost Hosting Plan

Top 10 Steps to Start a Blog With Bluehost

Let’s get started with a complete guide about Start A WordPress Blog With Bluehost

1. Select Right Blog Niche First

Fist and most important is to choose a blog topic, a subject on which you can write and share your knowledge for readers.

Why Choose Right Blog Niche?

  1. Because whenever we start a blog we should have knowledge about blog niche, present interest, future of niche, and value of monetization over there
  2. Because some blogger they start a blog with happily and top working after a period of time
  3. They have no topic on which they can write every day
  4. They stop blogging after sometimes because they have left hope to make money online
  5. They have no patient from the beginning of the month

2. Choose Right Domain Name (Blog Name)

Chose a right blog name, the domain will make your brand, write useful content and article would make your brand

Why Be Careful while  Book Domain Name & Select Blog Nice?

  • Because always try to choose user-friendly blog name what may easy for remember of readers
  • Easy to type in the browser tab
  • Easy to share with the audience
  • Short and Descriptive domain Name/ blog name is recommended by Google

Recommend:  if you are targeting audience worldwide then chode(.com, .org) else for India chose (.in ) for your domain

3. Get Bluehost Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting is fully optimized for WordPress Blog website, or e-commerce store, so start a WordPress blog we will use Bluehost WordPress hosting because it’s recommended by wordpress.org which is available one-click installation and 24*7 customer support within budget.

Quick Guide to Choose Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost offers different types of hosting plan to start a WordPress blog so you may choose according to your budget plan. All fully feature plan and difference is only of disk storage.

  1. WordPress Hosting (Start from $2.95/month)
  2. WordPress Pro (Start from $19.95/month)

Bluehost Plan: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

So if you are just planning to start a WordPress with Bluehost, I would recommend Bluehost Basic hosting which is available in only ( $2.95/month). Because you would able to run all the feature as compared to Bluehost Pro, but if you plan to run big WordPress project and drive huge traffic from the beginning then go for the WordPress Choice Plus Plan ( $5.45/month)  which is recommended by Bluehost web

3.1 Get Ready To Chose Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Select Plan: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Now you have select WordPress Hosting from Bluehost WordPress Web hosting, and now time to come which plan is best and for which plan you want to move, because all plan has their own advantages and disadvantages its depend upon our budget and blog traffic.

Basically, Bluehost offer the 3 Different types of web hosting which explains below.

Bluehost Plan List: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

If you are still confused and unable to decide the best Bluehost plan, so I would explain which plan should you chose and why!!

Basic Bluehost Hosting Plan ($2.65/mo for 36 Months)

This is a basic plan from Bluehost which is available at low cost which is similar to Plus but its support only 1 domain and also provide 50 GB space and also provide free domain with SSL free.

Why Basic Bluehost Plan?

  • Best for newbie blogger who is just started a blog
  • Best for a single blog
  • You can host only a single website/blog with a basic plan
  • Low traffic and best budget plan

3.2 Get Free Domain From Bluehost

Bluehost is available with the different useful  feature, that offers book free domain to their users if you have booked domain anywhere else then select else book free domain from Bluehost hosting


Domain Selection: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Once you have select and choose domain name then select the next button to proceed.

3.3 Create Your Account or login With Google Account

To start a blog with Bluehost hosting need to enter the personal information first name, last name, email address, phone, zip so please enter correct information because of its store into Bluehost for future use.

3.4 Confirm Hosting Package

Bluehost also ask to change or confirm the plan, so you may change and select best package to start a blog with Bluehost, so if you have planned to buy Bluehost hosting for 3 years then don’t need to worry about removal package for next 2 year. You just need to renew the domain name, not Web hosting.

3.5 Confirm Add-on Feature

Bluehost Add-on: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Bluehost Web hosting also offers to their users to add ons feature to create an SEO friendly blog which may help to drive more traffic for your blog and make money online through blogging.

Following are the feature of Add Ons:

Bluehost SEO Tools Start: which helps search engine submission with 10 keywords

SiteLock Security – Spam Monitoring, Malware Monitoring, Site Verification Certificate

3.6 Enter Card Related Information

After the complete address, add-ons feature Bluehost will ask to enter card related information to the payment that will help to confirm the Bluehost hosting for the following user.

So enter correct card related information and pay now.

Bluehost accept following payment methods:

  • Pay with PayPal
  • Pay with Credit Card and Debit card according to your choice

How to select a Different Payment Method?

By default Bluehost payment option is available into credit card payment, we can select and choose the different method by click on More Payment Options, which is given on top. Don’t worry about security Bluehost will keep information safe and secure.

Card Details: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

3.7  Create Bluehost Sign In Credential

After successful payment Bluehost will redirect you on congratulation page and billing recipient and will send you confirmation mail of register mail id, check and confirm by opening your mail and click on verify link. Once you have confirmed, you need to enter the password and confirm the password to manage all the panel of blue hosting. So enter a safe and secure password for Bluehost web hosting that will stay you free and secure from malware.

Congratulation you have successfully created your Bluehost password, whenever you need to sign in using the same email, password to enter into WordPress Bluehost panel to manage content and post

Welcome Bluehost: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

3.8  Select WordPress Theme  From Bluehost Dashboard

To start a blog Bluehost also default free thems which is fully optimized just select and started with these themes to start a blog, so you don’t need to pay extra money to buy premiums theme from ThemeForest and other places. So just pick default theme from here and start a blog with Bluehost web hosting.

Bluehost Theme Selection: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Once you select the theme from given themes list you are almost one step away to start your first blog post from Bluehost WordPress Dashboard.

Now get ready to enter Welcome Bluehost WordPress Host.

3.9  Welcome to Bluehost WordPress Hosting

To start a WordPress blog with Bluehost (Wikipedia)  of the most trusted website use WordPress dashboard to a manager blog post, we use WordPress dashboard to manage post, page blog comment, plugin and themes from a single place.

Bluehost WordPress Dashboard: Start a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

Now you are into WordPress Bluehost Dashboard to manage the following list of features.

  • Post: Write a new post, edit published post, delete published
  • Page: Create meaningful pages (contact us, Privacy, Term  & Conditions) also publish new pages, delete and edit page.
  • Media: Here you will see the upload images, upload images for a blog post, delete media, also select and delete Multiple selected images from media gallery
  • Comments: Approve, Unapproved, reply, edit, trash, spam of comments
  • Plugins: Can see all installed plugin, Add New plugin, delete the plugin from the plugin list
  • Users: You can manage all users, add user and delete users also manage user profile
  • Appearance: Upload new theme, activate a new theme, also can delete a theme, also manage widget area for your blog

 4. Verify Site with Google  Webmaster and How to Setup Google Analytics 

Google Webmaster: A webmaster is responsible for maintaining a website/blog. and always make sure site are fully functional also always notify the user about, site performance, Links, click through rate (CTR). Total impression, Site Coverage issue, an issue in the site and many more.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service from Google which shows the usage statistics and organic, referral traffic and most view pages of a website which help the user to motivate to write more article from the blogging.

Google analytics feature is

  • Custom Report Generate
  • How the user stats
  • Most views pages
  • Source of traffic
  • Traffic by country
  • any many more

5. Write and Publish First Blog Post With WordPress Bluehost Webhosting

Now you are ready to write your first blog post with WordPress  Bluehost Dashboard, now just click on a post from the left sidebar and then click on Add New Blog and get Ready to write a blog post.

These Essential tips always remember before writing  and publishing

  • Always do keyword research and select keyword which may help to drive more traffic for your blog
  • Enter Eye Catchy Blog Title
  • Create a user-friendly URL
  • Add some media, Images to Blog post, sometimes video is more useful
  • Optimize the Images before upload (Max size 50KB)
  • Upload feature image
  • Install useful extension that may help to check Grammarly
  • Read once again before publishing
  • Categorize document structure with heading tags

6. Create About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy Pages

To become more transparency create about us page that audience would able to know about you properly also create contact us page that may user can contact with you on ema and can communicate properly and can ask and discuss topics, subject.

Note: You can create advertise with us, Guest Post, that anyone can come to your blog and request for a guest blog that also increase the popularity and domain authority of your blog.

7.Install Recommended WordPress Plugin

When we install WordPress to start a blog, WordPress is not fully optimized, so by adding some plugin WordPress blog is get completed with SEO friendly, then non SEO gues can use this can write SEO friendly blog post. So, here I am going to share a list of the popular plugin which is important from the beginning of blogging.

7.1  Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is the most trusted plugin for WordPress blog, which is using by 5+ million users worldwide which have a lot of inbuilt features

Feature of Yoast SEO Plugin

  • XML sitemap support
  • You can exclude post, page, category, tags from indexing
  • Can add custom breadcrumb through Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Always notify about keyword density
  • Full support about, title, description, heading tags, and alternate tags
  • Notify about the readability of blog post
Get Yoast SEO

7.2 Install W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache help to enhance the user experience by fast loading of web pages also help to reduce the page load time also offer the integrated CDN.

Following are the feature of w3 total cache

  • Improve the search engine result
  • Improve user experience by helping of reducing page load time
  • Improve web server performance
  • Up to 80% bandwidth savings via minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and feed
  • Minfy css and js
  • Improve conversion rate which helps for better ranking
Get W3 Total Cache

7.3 Install  WordFence Security Plugin

The WordPress Wordfence Security plugin provides the best protection for WordPress blog which is used by 3+ million and also always be updated latest WordPress support.

Following are the feature of Wordfence security plugin

  • Protect your site with malware, attacker and keep virus free
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts
  • Real-time IP Blacklist blocks all requests from the most malicious IPs, protecting your site while reducing load.
Get Wordfence plugin

8. Drive traffic for your blog

After integration of WordPress recommended plugin writing a SEO friendly blog post, we are going which is the most important topic on how to drive traffic for our blog, so that we can make money online which method should I follow to drive more traffic for our blog, a blog is nothing if your not gaining organic as well as referral traffic. So,  we are going to share the top most used tools and way to drive traffic for your blog,

8.1  Drive Organic traffic

As we know that Google loves the blogs who have high in organic search, because organic search shows the importance and quality of blog post, so always write SEO optimized article so that you can drive organic traffic and improve tour domain and page authority.

8.2  Drive Referral Traffic

Drive traffic is most important for newbie bloggers because in beginning time people are not aware with your blog, so we have to share our blog post on popular social media like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to drive referral traffic. So we should always share the blog post on social media, also on social media groups,

9. Top Recommend Blogging Tool every blogger should have

If you are a blogger you are not aware of a top free and paid tool which would help you in writing and creating SEO friendly and optimized blog post. I would share my blogging experience which is really helping me in my blogging life

9.1 Grammarly  (Chrome Extention – Free)

Without Grammarly, it’s hard to blogging because Grammarly help spell mistake, verbs, also suggest the right word with the matching sentence they are available in free with most of the feature. Following some important feature of Grammarly

  • Keep Mistake free article
  • Suggest correct sentence
  • Notify the spell mistakes
  • Contextual spelling checker
Get Grammarly for Chrome

9.2  Awesome Screenshot (Chrome Extention Free)

An awesome screenshot is Google chrome extension which is the best extension for blogging because its help of taking screenshots of a selected area, full screenshot, and visible area of webpages also help to highlight the important area of webpages that help the audience fully undesirable and increase the user experience.

Following are some important feature of an awesome screenshot

  • Capture selected part of web pages
  • Capture entire web pages
  • Capture visible part of webpages
  • Record screen video
  • You can comment on screenshots
  • Can blur sensitive information of web pages
  • Highlight the important area throw arrow key, rectangle block
Get Awesome Screenshot

10. Make Money Online From Blogging

Just before these topics, I explain how to start a blog and especially how to start a blog with Bluehost web hosting, and now we are going to cover How to make money
online which have dreamed for every blogger who is currently running their own blog, so here are the way you can convert your traffic into money by using these

10.1 Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click is the oldest and popular form of making money only, in this when visitors come to your blog and blog post to read some article, then publisher pay us for view, and if user clicks on some ads then they give us a good amount of money for clicking ads its don’t matter user buy the product or buy.

So here are the great list of PPP ads Service may be useful for making money online:

10.2 Affiliate Marketing

By using affiliate marketing you can make money online, there is no limit of making money you can make 1$/per day or unlimited dollar/day it depends upon you to achieve more followers and Rupees there is a list of methods that may help to make money online from affiliate marketing.

  • promote an affiliate product through sidebar banner, header banner, footer where readers can see and may click and buy the product service from your affiliate links
  • You can insert banner into the article, this is the best way to promote affiliate product it gives best conversions
  • You can share affiliate links on top social media Facebook, Twitter, linked, and whats app to make money online
  • You can send email to users, by, clicking email list and buy the product may also increase the chance of conversion also help to affiliate marketing

Also, Learn the complete Guide to Make Money Online

Start A WordPress Blog With Bluehost: FAQs

Question: Can we make unlimited money from affiliate marketing?

Ans: Yes, You can make unlimited money by affiliate marketing

Question: Can we start a blog in free?

Ans: Yes, can start a blog without pay anything, but they use own prefix in the domain (https://hozaifarefine.wordpress.com/) also they provide certain part of access in which we can only publish post and cant extend the core functionality.

Question: How much we have to pay for start a WordPress blog?

Ans: You can start blogging from 0$ to no limit because it depends upon your, either you want to go for google blogger, WordPress blogger or want to choose a custom domain or hosting.

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