Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords – Which keywords should I use?

Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are the top most spoken word in the world of search engine optimization which really help to boost up more traffic for the blog post. To use the right keyword for a blog post is really important for blogger life also would help to find the audience which is really querying for. If you are achieving more visitor on your blog so first do keyword research and start writing a blog post.

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What is Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords are less popular than Long Tail keywords because only 30% of people are entering Short tail keywords to find their desired results from search engines. Because short tail keyword is more specific and its generic keyword which was popular also people are ware with this business, then short tail keyword would be used. Short Tail keywords are less descriptive than Long tail keywords

Suppose: you are running the business of e-commerce company then people search there query “ Man Tshirt” this is short tail keywords because its less describe are less than 3 words


  • High in search volume


  • High completion
  • Low intent to purchase
  • Low conversion rate

Long-Tail Keywords

If you are just started your blog or business so want drive more traffic then us Long-tail keywords because 70 % people are using Long-tail keywords to find their result through search engine, because nowadays people are more descriptive, so if you are newbie blogger and want instant traffic then hard to rank your blog post with short tail keywords because its very competitive but you can easily rank with Long-tail keywords

Short Tail vs Long Tail Keyword – FAQ

Question. What is a long-tail keyword in SEO?

Ans. Long-tail keywords compose of 3-4 words is known as long-tail keywords

Question. If I just started a blog which keywords should I use

Ans. Always use the long-tail keywords to rank your blog post in search engine

Question. What is short tail keywords

Ans. A short tail keyword is composed of single or double words is known as Short Tail Keyword

Question. Can we rank our blog post with short tail keywords if I just started a new blog

Ans. You can, but is though to rank your blog post with short tail keywords, because search engine algorithm is very clear they look all parameter then rank blog post on top search engine results page



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