How To Create Best SEO Friendly URL In WordPress

How To Create Best SEO Friendly URL In WordPress

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SEO Friendly URL

SEO Friendly URL – Whenever we talk about the Best WordPress Permalink Structure for SEO WordPress blog posts and page to increase the chance of Google search engine ranking. Because By default WordPress permalink link are not user-friendly, to make user-friendly permalink structure follow these article and make it SEO optimized URL. , this means every page question mark(?)  in the URL and that is not user-friendly URL so it may decrease the chance of Google search engine ranking. So always make URL of the post and page user-friendly that may increase the chance of ranking and its effect on on-page SEO too.

Recommendation: Always make permalink structure like

Always Add Slash in end of the page that is really great practice and also helps for page loading speed time on the server.

Which is Best Permalink Structure For SEO?

One thing that wants to clear here. Permalink is nothing it’s a URL (i.e page URL) in WordPress we called permalink structure. I have already discussed what should be permalink structure for SEO friendly in above paragraph. Whenever we download and install WordPress and we never focus on search engine optimize post. We just start to write and post, after some time we mention that our post is not in google ranking “why”?. This is one of the reasons for Google ranking, always make permalink search engine friendly.

WordPress By default permalink:

Should be for SEO: Permalink:

Best WordPress Permalink Structure for SEO

Permalink SEO Tips

  • User search engine friendly permalink
  • Always end you page URL with trail slash (i.e /).
  • Always use www in Siteurl, because non-www is not good practice for SEO.
  • Always use the keyword in the permalink.
  • separate the permalink structure with a hyphen (-), not with an underscore(_) or any special character.
  • Never change the permalink after publishing the post in future ( Always think twice before publishing ).
  • If you change the permalink structure make 301 redirections for their post because it’s maintaining your overall traffic and also user experience.
  • You can use simple 301 Redirect plugin to redirect old URL to new URL.

Topic 1: How to change WordPress Siteurl.

Topic 2: How to set Preferred Domain in Google Webmaster Tool?

WordPress Permalink Structure For Google News

If you are running a news-based blog site or thinking about to start a site having a based on current affairs, Bollywood or Hollywood news, technology news, etc., Then you need to have a three-digit unique ID in permalink as mentioned in the Google news submission requirement.

Before Some time back, Matt Cutts, a Google engineer also changed his WordPress blog permalink structure to and here is an explanation by him are below:

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