Don’t Waste Time! 5 Amazing Screen Recording Software For Windows – Free

Don’t Waste Time! 5 Amazing Screen Recording Software For Windows – Free

By: SolutionsHint    114 views Updated: 07th Feb, 2018
5 Amazing Screen Recording Software

Screenshot recorder: is the best way to create tutorial and informative video and now a days its trending topic of the world that everyone wants to create an amazing video and upload of youtube channel to advertise their business, but most of the people are looks for a software which are free open source, so here I will share you the best screenshot recorder software that will help to create amazing video.

 1. CamStudio (Free)

CamStudio is widely used software for windows worldwide, so by using these you can capture the screen full size, Fixed size and can also select the area as per your requirement and can easily capture, For instance, while using CamStudio to capture and record your PC screen, you can able to hide your cursor screen, get sound from multiple sources, etc.

Keyboard Shortcut:

  • CTRL + f8 T  ( Start Recording)
  • CTRL + f9 T  ( Stop Recording)
  • F10 (Cancel recording)

2. Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)

Icecream software is also another free open source tool, that will let you know the capture any area of the screen and start recording if offer the complete tool to record a professional video with audio.


  • Area selection
  • Drawing panel
  • can an add watermark to video
  • Record screen in different format (HD, medium, low etc)
  • You can zoom while recording video
  • Record webcam video along with the screen recording.

 3. Debut Video Capture  (Free)

Debut video is another option of capturing a screenshot of windows PC which available in the free open source they have same functionality from other but they have a great user interface and provide optimized video in less size so for you can choose it to capture any part of the screen.


  • Capture video directly to your hard drive.
  • Record video in many different file formats including .avi, .wmv, .flv, .asf, .mpg, .3gp, .mp4, .mov and more.
  • Record from your webcam, screen or video input device (eg. VHS recorder).
  • Record almost anything – anything you can see on your monitor can be recorded.
  • Record video and audio simultaneously.
  • Create photo snap-shots at any time.
  • Add your own text captions or time stamp your video.
  • Change color settings and video effects before recording.
  • Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for capture.
  • Ability to burn directly to DVD with Express Burn DVD Recorder.
  • Works with BroadCam Streaming Video Server to stream over the internet.

4. ActivePresenter (Free)

If you are planning to create e-learning video for your business, then Active Presenter is the best way to create amazing video tutorial videos along with audio and video this is bit different with another free screenshot recorder because its support for SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems suits its role as a corporate training tool as well


  1. Record live mouse action while mouse click and key press
  2. You can use record with webcam too
  3. You can edit video and audio
  4. Responsive design
  5. You can provide style effect on the video
  6. Microphone & speaker recording

 5. Webinaria

If you always look for open source software which is available in free, you can download and use without pay anything to software then Webinaria is the best software that will fulfill your requirement so you can download and record your screen with Webinaria .


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