On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization: What is basic Difference

On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization: What is basic Difference

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On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization

In this tutorial, i will guide you “On-Page Vs Off-Page Optimization” Blog are very important part of every website. The blog is becoming very popular nowadays because it’s user-friendly and, same as anyone can create a blog and start writing the article but difficult is become popular and drive more traffic to your blog. So always create an article with search engine optimized to drive traffic from search engine.

If you are wringing the article with search engine optimize the way you will start getting organic traffic and you will become more popular.

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These are some important point, while you are writing blog focus on these point to higher in ranking in google search engine.

1. Meta Keywords
2. Meta Descriptions
3. Title tags
4. H1 tags
5. Keyword density
6. Keyword placement

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LSI Keyword (Latent Semantic Indexing) Tool

  1. A first and most important aspect of writing an article is keywords research, choose right keywords on right time make your page rank higher in search engine result.
  2. Create a set of keyword that user can type in google search and find your article in the search engine in the Top result.
  3. Always think as you are the user and you are searching information on the internet , then create the keywords set and it will help you to create set of keywords.

Keyword Density& Right Placement of keyword

  1. Your keyword should always present in the Title tag.
  2. The keyword should be present in Heading line (H1).
  3. The keyword should be present in Image ALT tag.
  4. The keyword should be present in permalink ( make sure keywords exist in URL or not ).
  5. Keyword also should be present in Meta Description.
  6. Always check the density of keyword and repetition of a keyword in content too.

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Off – Page SEO Techniques

After completing  On-Page Optimization,  Start to look  for  Off-Page SEO, because of Off-Page also very important to beginner’s blogger because you are not popular, to make more popular you need to create a more inbound link to drive Referral traffic, so Off-Page will help in to higher in rank too.

Unique and Quality Content

Content is King, so wring one unique content is far far better than wring 100 copy content, so always try to write unique long content, if your site has useful content then google webmaster have no need to ask from any other and will rank it higher in search engine results.

And you can generate a lot of inbound links to drive traffic and easy in google ranking by using blog commenting and link building also with directory submission.

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