Search engine optimization techniques for wordpress website

Search engine optimization techniques for wordpress website

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In this tutorial i am going to explain On Page SEO  , for your website or blog that will help you the page Rank of your blog website page in Google .

On Page SEO Techniques to Increase your web page Rank

Whats is SEO  ?

SEO is nothing its as search engine optimisation  that will help you rank you keywords and webpage in google serach engine , so its really important part of web development to popular your website .

Search engine optimization techniques

1 ) first thing that you page url should be user friendly , never use _  and special character in url like ( #$%&@)

2 ) always make page like that .

3 ) always user hyphen ( – ) to separate the page

4 ) Never use copy content in your website or blog

5 ) Always use image in the article

6 ) Use following tag in the seo (H1, H2, H3, ittalic, underline, bold ) in the articles

7 ) Use inbound and outbound link in your website because its will help the user to redirect on another page and your website page rank will in Google search Engine

8) always user comma separated keyword , length should be between  100 to 255   character

9 ) Your Keyword should be you article image alt tag

10 ) always use keyword in your article description

What is inbound and outbound link ??

inbound  – is nothing is just interlink your article with another artcile of your website , if user does not want to read that content and want to move of another article so easily by clicking  can move on another article is known as inbound .

ExampleCustom Field Tutorial

Outbound –   Outbound means if user are cumming on your article and reading article, if your article   is not beneficial for the users so always provide the outbound link by clicking that can move to another realated website or web blog that will help the user is known as outbound link .

Example : wordpress Download 

so if you will click above link then user will redirect to another website which is


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