Things You Must Know About On-Page SEO Checklist : Basic SEO Checklist

10 April, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 199 Views
On-Page SEO Checklist

On-Page SEO is the practice of optimizing the content for search engines that may increase the chances of ranking in search engines results page (SERP) to drive organic traffic
which may increase the business, On-Page SEO refers as content and HTML of webpages that is opposite of Off-page SEO.

A basic example of On-Page SEO is Title, description, Alt Tag, tags, and blog post which perform on client side webpages.


Keyword research is one of the most important for any blogger, before start writing any blog post first start with keywords research that may help to rank your blog page which
does not have high in competition, because it’s hard to rank on high competitive keywords, so always choose the right keywords for your niche.

important: I am using Google keyword planner to keywords research because it’s most trusted and tool of Google and blindly we can trust and it’s fully free.

Write SEO Friendly Post Title

The title tags for any blog post is very important for any search engines to understand your blog post, what is about for and what is article summary, so always write user
friendly post title with fully optimized.

Important Note: Meta Title should not have greater the 50 – 60 characters

Create SEO Friendly URL

URL of any blog post is matter, so always use short and descriptive URL for your blog post, and try to use keywords inside URL and ignore the underscore and and
any special charter  ($#^!*&) into URL, Google loves the short 3-4 word URL with user-friendly.

Good URL:

Bad SEO:

Structure of Heading Tags

Heading are also important for divide the content and representing blog post with hierarchy, so always start with H1 tags and end with H6 tags. Always use the hierarchy of heading tags from H1-H6.

Meta Description (On-Page SEO Checklist)

A meta description is an HTML attribute which describes the summary of blog post for any search engines, google, bing and other, Google only display the meta description 160 characters in search snippet, and remain are truncate.

Google announced in September 2019 that we stopped the ranking of any web pages based on meta descriptions nor meta keywords into Google’s ranking algorithms for web search.

Things should ignore in meta description :

  • Avoid duplicate meta description
  • Avoid more than 300 characters in meta description
  • Don’t use quotation mark in the meta description
  • Don’t use the irrelevant keyword in the meta description

Post Lenght Matter

as we know that content is king, so always try to write fresh and quality content for your blog post, that may help to engage the audience for a longer time, and other
the thing always searches and analyze the post of other blog and try to write the post min of 1000 characters and maximum cab to be any. because google Love the content which
are in size, also will help to reduce the google bounce rate of the blog page.

Image ALT tags & Descriptions

Image ALT Tags and description describe the appearance of webpage and post to search engines that post is for what and what is the aim of this post, so always use
target and focus keyword in the image ALT tags, because image ALT tags play a very important role for search engines.

Add Internal Links

There are two types of links which explain below in detail
Backlinks: Backlinks are those link which places on other domain and user incoming on a blog post by clicking these link.
Internal Links: Internal links are same web page links that point the same domain which helps readers to navigate from one page to another web page, also help to
increase in ranking factor,


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