Most Important Reason Why Bounce Rate increase Instantly

Most Important Reason Why Bounce Rate increase Instantly

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Bounce rate is a really common spoken word used in Search engine optimization, and every blogger is aware with the special word, and most of our fighting with bounce rate and because of a good website have to fulfill all the term and condition of SEO then may be a chance of top Google search results.

However, if you are talking about newbie blogger its hard to be in the top, but nothing is impossible, and if you will write unique and quality content for a blog post with on-page optimization or off-page then definitely your page rank will be on top search and most searchable by the people.

Personal Experience with  Increase in Bounce Rate

I always first write and publish the post with fully optimized, but after we go on the second level which is “off-page” and we start from blog commenting on another blog which is relevant to us. Same other blogger does in their blogging life.

Following are the reason for Instant bounce rate: when a newbie blogger write and publish the post after they start to look for off-page search engine optimization which is more backlinks, so he just finds relevant bloggers and look for blog commenting first and start a comment by putting article links.

Trending Experience Behind For Increase in Bounce Rate

1. Never Disable The Comment Box System 

Most of the blogger keep disabling blog commenting because of a lot of users comes and start blog comment and it’s hard to answer of one by one user’s question, in this case, they love to disable comment box system off. But they forgot one of more important SEO term bounce rate. 

In this case your site bounce rate may be differ than before because a newbie blogger comes on your wite only for blog commenting and creating a backlinks for their post, and the just trying to find the comment box system in your web page, if you have then spent some time during writing name, email, comment, and website URL. if you have to keep disable comment box system them he will sudden exist from your webpage and your bounce rate may be increased.

2. Let Allow The Other Blogger to Create Backlinks

I always notice that when I want to go create backlinks, for our blog post then visited another relevant blog to comment, but I notice most of the hight PR blog they have not provided website URL to create backlinks, they only have a name, email to grow their business. so there my first aim was to create backlinks when I will not able to create backlinks for our blog. definitely will exist and the bounce rate will be increased for their blog site.

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