What is a Long Tail keywords in SEO?

04 Apr, 2019

Long tail keywords: is the basic term of search engine optimization which consists of more than 3 words is known as Log tail keywords. Suppose user comes to Google and start a query for “  Long tail keyword” this is target keyword but if user type “What is Long tail keywords in SEO” this is said to be long tail keywords which increase the chance of rank your blog post in search engine optimization.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

There are many online tools are available in the market which would help to find the Long tail keyword for a blog post such as, Longtail Pro, Ubersuggest, KWFinder. If you are using WordPress to manage your content then  WordPress Longtail Keywords SEO is the best plugin which will help you find the long tail keywords for your blog.

Explaining more about long tail keywords

There are two types of  keywords

  • Head keywords
  • Long Tail keywords

Head  keyword: head keyword means single keyword  Shoes, Car, Train

Long Tail Keywords: Long mean consists of two or more word is called as long tail keywords

Black shoes for mean



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