5 Online Keyword Density Calculator Tools Free

5 Online Keyword Density Calculator Tools Free

By: SolutionsHint    43 views Updated: 11th Jan, 2018
5 Online Keyword Density Calculator Tools Free

Keyword Density is known as the number of times a keyword used in a page relative to the total number of words count present in the content.

Q. How to Calculate Keyword Density?

Keyword Density = Total number of keywords / total words

Writing an article always make sure that your content is rich in a keyword, the article is rich in a keyword will higher in a ranking of Google search engine.There are a lot of free density calculator tool are available in the market that will help you to find keyword density in your content.

This Keyword Density calculator will help to find the keyword density, so remember two things in mind.

  1. Article with low keyword density has less chance in google ranking.
  2. Article with good keyword density has the maximum chance in google ranking.

List of Tool to Analyse Keyword Density

Live Keyword Density Analysis

 This is a very simple and user-friendly tool to use. Type the keywords, paste your content, and the keyword density check will be done automatically.


This is another best tool which will help you in generating a keyword density report Also, have the option to export your result as a .csv file.

SEO Centro Tool

This tool is very standard keyword density checking and analyzing.This helps to get to know your site’s most important keywords in the article.

Article Underground Tool

This tool checks your URL’s metadata and will notify the warning if it finds any error in your post.

 SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool

This keyword count tool will check for linked and non-linked words.It’s another useful keyword checker tool for webmasters.

“These are most popular keyword density tool which I have mention article, so start analyzing keyword density”.

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