Internal linking for SEO : Importance of Internal Link

Internal linking for SEO : Importance of Internal Link

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Internal linking for SEO

In this tutorial, i will guide you “Internal linking for SEO ” internal linking is most and important aspect term of Search Engine Optimization, interlinking is nothing just is the hyperlink and anchor tag which is called internal linking in SEO terms, Google always try to find your content with internal linking and rank your page. more the interlinking higher in the rank of Search Engine Results  Page (SERP).

So always try to create more article with great internal linking to be higher in the ranking of Google, because Google creates the structure of your site according to the link on your webpage. Some blogger’s use related article in the post and content and some time the link are not essential to users and spoil the user experience, in this case, you are lowering your page rank.

What is the importance of Link to Google?

Google always find your content and page with link (hyperlink, anchor ) and define the what is the value of your content and webpage so if you will use least the link lower your rank in the google.

Content Relationship with Link

Google has a strategy for crawling web page from the following link, the link may be internal, external. Google bots always come at homepage and start to render from there, because every site structure is defined on the homepage of the website , so if you are writing a new post then always use interlinking on the home page to crawling and indexing faster using interlink.

Internal Linking Strategy

Google always rank your webpage with  quality content and with inter link structure if you . google always try to find the link on your page and after finding the related link from one page to another page to improve user’s experience so more the interlinking higher in page rank.

Nofollow & DoFollow Links

If the link which whatever you are using in your webpage content is not important for the user’s experience so always use make a link with the nofollow attribute, tell the google about the link which I have used in the content are not important and please don’t follow.

Note : < a href =” rel=”nofollow”>page goes here </a>.

DoFollow link

Do follow link are those link which is created link juice for a particular webpage, that is more important for the user’s so if we are an internal link to another webpage that is higher in value so always use dofollow in the link . its make google easily to understand and help to faster crawl and indexing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How to make an internal link with nofollow.

Ans . < a href =”” rel=”nofollow”>solutionshint</a>

        Just add one more attribute in link rel=”nofollow”.

Q 2. How to make a link with dofollow.

Ans. First thing I am telling you the link which you always use in content for relating article are dofollow, so no need to tell the google about dofollow the link . in some case you need to tell about dofollow.

< a href =”” rel=”dofollow”>solutionshint</a>.

Just add one more attribute in link rel=”dofollow”.

Done !!!!

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