Tips To Increase Conversions By Modifying 404 Error Page – SEO Guide

Tips To Increase Conversions By Modifying 404 Error Page – SEO Guide

By: SolutionsHint    31 views Updated: 11th Jan, 2018

In the previous article, i explained what is 404 error page and why it comes in the website. but in this article I will give some interesting tips that will help you to increase conversion rate,  also will help to improve user’s experience along with Bounce rate of your website.

404 Error are those error which occurs due to many reasons and spoils the user experience, and may also increase the bounce rate if a visitor comes on your site and exit due to the 404 error page. If your website has too many 404 pages then it’s not good for SEO.

So after a specific time, we are unable to monitor our web application on daily basis,  so we could not see the 404 error pages on our website.

In this to improve the user experience and increase the chance of bounce rate we have some useful tips.

1. Use Friendly Language

  1. Always use Human readable language on 404 page.
  2. Because most of the people don’t know, Whats is 404 error? why it comes on the website.
  3. Just show the simple message on 404 error page.

Example 1: The page you are looking does not exist.

Example 2: Oops !! this link is not working.

Example 3: Oh My Dear, Something in Wong from Our end.

2. Say Sorry To User

If 404 error is coming in your blog or website, we can’t blame a user for such types of error and server,

we should accept our mistake Accept that it’s your fault and apologize to users.

This is a really great way to increase the user’s experience.

3. Explain to User About Error

Once an error occurs on your website or blog, explain to the user why error comes and why error comes.

You May explained Like this 

  1. URL is incorrect
  2. The link is broken.
  3. A link is truncated.
  4. Content moved.
  5. Content deleted
  6. Page is Deleted
  7. We have to change the permalink


4. Provide Immediate Solution To User

404 error pages occur at the dead end of the website, in that’s case users doesn’t like the web page and exit from the website. There is nowhere else to go…The best way to improve user experience is to provide an immediate solution that user can move anywhere else to find relevant information.

5. Limited Choice To User

Providing too many options to users on 404 error page are the worst thing, in order to help the user with their query search, might be overwhelming. Let allow to user perform the minimum possible number of actions from 404 pages. Too many choices can make unhappy.

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