Importance of Keywords in SEO – Beginner’s Level

Importance of Keywords in SEO – Beginner’s Level

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Importance of Keywords in SEO - Beginner's Level

Use the right keyword at right time to get more search engine traffic especially from google search. Optimize your site with optimize keywords and you will rank higher in google search engine. How many times have you got about when you started to learn SEO? I Think a lot.That’s because of keywords are the first things in SEO, and you should learn about when you start to optimize your blog for SEO Purpose.This tutorial is all about for a beginner to understand the most important factor of SEO – keywords.Let’s we start with the basics, If you are blogging for a while, you probably know that 75% of your traffic is coming from 25% of your posts. In other words, you are probably getting a maximum amount of search engine traffic. you have to learn the importance of keywords.Right?The reason is, some of your posts get rank on the first page of a search engine for your optimize keyword that is highly searched by users.

You can use for SEMrush to find right keyword and also look for in which keyword you are ranking in the google, just type in your website’s address to see which keyword(s) you are ranking.

Bellow are the explanation for Keyword ranking with SEMrush Tool.

Importance of Keywords in SEO - Beginner's Level

Let’s we start with Above Result produced By SEMresh. It’s are really easy to use and find right keyword.

  1. Keyword: This is the specific phrase (keyword) which is driving traffic to URL. When we SEO, this is the phrase (Keyword) that we “target”, so we call “target keyword”.
  2. Pos (Keyword Position): This is the ranking of the keyword in Google Search (i.e. position).  if it’s number 1, this means result will be displayed on the first page of  Google Search for the Specific keyword. 
  3. Volume: This means how many people are searching for that particular keyword in a given month. This is a very important thing because it tells the popularity of keyword by the people.

What is the importance of keywords in SEO?

Now you get able to understand the basic concept of keywords in SEO, now will discuss deeply the keyword.When we do “SEO-optimize” for a blog post or a web page, we have the option to define our target keywords to rank. This is said to be Meta_keyword.In 2012, it was very important to specify meta keywords separated by the comma, but in 2017, it’s unusable. The search engine algorithms have become much smarter than before; they started auto-detect keywords and rank pages automatically.Google has to define clearly that they do not consider meta keywords for now when selecting keywords, For example, for this post, some meta keywords could be some like: “keyword tips, SEO, keyword research tips”, and so on.Now, anyone looking for “keyword tips” would land on this page, not see anything of use, and leave, thus increasing my bounce rate. It’s not good for me and it’s not good for the user. Because sometimes user searches the result but for while the targets on the webpage that are irrelevant by the website are using great keyword research. In this case, the user will exit from the website and its direct effect on your bounce rate.

Start with Keyword Research

List of popular and tending keyword research web tools.

  1. Keyword Planner
  2. Ahrefs
  3. LongTailPro
  4. SEMrush

“Hope this help for Keyword Research”

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