How to Write a Blog Post With Fully Search Engine Optimize ( Blog With SEO)

How to Write a Blog Post With Fully Search Engine Optimize ( Blog With SEO)

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In this tutorial i will guide you “How to Write a Blog Post With Fully Search Engine Optimize ” now a days blogging is really effective way to success within short time . So Search engine plays very important role to drive your audience without any effort with social media post share . so this article and post will guide you how to write well define article with Search Engine optimize and more effective than other .

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How to Write a Blog Post With Fully Search Engine Optimize ( Blog With SEO)


Why to write a blog post to Marketing

Because now a days every one are connected with internet and 80% percent people are using internet and every one using Google to find the solution from Search Engine Result , so blogging the way from where you can share your knowledge , that people will easily can approach to you .

How to Write a Blog Post with Search Engine Optimize (SEO)

Step 1Understand your People

Before you start to write blog post, analyse your target audience. What he want to know about? he what people are requirement. Consider what you know about your audience people and their interests while you are coming up with a topic for your blog post.


Step 2: Start with a Post and working title

Before you write anything, you need to pick a formal & simple title for your blog post. The title should be be pretty general to start with. For example, if you’re a Blogger, you may start out thinking you want to write blog.
A Post title is should be specific and with length of 50–60 characters not more than. always use keyword inside the title tag because google algorithm are changed now and google always gives weight-age of Title Tag and first then inner content and anchor link .


Step 3 : Organize your content in Structure 

Sometimes, blog posts can have lengthy amount of information , for the users and the writer. The simple trick is to organize the information so audience are not intimidated by the length or amount of content. The organization can be in multiple forms ,sections, lists, tips,table etc. whatever’s most appropriate. But it should be organized .

 Step 4 : Writing Skills

Next step but more effective is actually writing the post & article . Write about what you already know, and if necessary, do additional research to gather more information from Google and also with Social media and YouTube that People what Exactly want from you .


Step 5: Frequently Edit/Update your post Formatting and Crammer Mistakes

You are not done yet, but you are close to just writing the article, The frequently updating content are more searchable in Google search engine result and it is an important part of blogging. 


Step 6 : Article Images

Make sure you choose a visually appearing and suitable image for your post. As social networks treat content with images more frequently, visuals are now more responsible than ever for the success of your blog content in social media. its also helps in Search Engine Results Page .


Step 7 : Optimize Content  With on-page SEO

Bellow are some steps to follow to  write a blog post with Search Engine Optimize Content .

  • Title of the post should be not more that 70 – 80 character and never use special character in the post Title like (@!$%^&*) always – | in title to separate .
  • Always use sub heading with you post title .
  • Writing a content blog its important to use content image which play important role in the SEO so use always use ” ALT tag ”  with keyword and description .
  • The article and post always should have sub heading are more structure .
  • Post should be lengthy not less than 800 character .
  • Inbound link :Interlinking and really important role in the search engine optimzation if you have related article than please use anchor tag to move user easily with click .
  • Outbound Link : its also most important with google because if you are just writing blog and if you have not enough content then use outer link ( means other website link ) to move users from your site to another site .

Notes : Don’t Forgot to use H1, H2, H3, ALT, Italic,  Underline,  Bold Tags, List view (Li, Ul, Ol) in the content .

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