How to Use Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags & Why ?

How to Use Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags & Why ?

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When we talk about noindex, nofollow, and so on, I always think according to Google Panda and SEO. So should ensure better SEO result always index only post or page not category and tags page. But some blogger starts to index everything in their site and increase the chances of duplicity. So here I will explain some of most interesting tips that will help you too boost your SEO and make your site better.

What are The Reasons For Noindex WordPress Categories And Tags?

  1. Prevent Post duplication issue

  2. Only quality web page will become part of Google Search Engine

The secondary reason is very important after the Google Panda algorithm and became active nowadays because Google has clearly mentioned that Google Panda now start focusing on only quality content.Obviously, your blog tags and categories pages should not be considered as “quality pages” for search engines. They are good for user-navigation only, but they are not adding any value to search engines.Many WordPress users are not aware of such types of thing they can keep WordPress blog tags and categories as “index”.

Why should use Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags?

The only main reason to noindex category and tag is that index only quality content into google search not unused and irrelevant data into Google. If you are using SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast or All in one SEO, then its really easy to add noindex tag for category and tags.

How to Noindex Category and tags WordPress?

  1. Enter into WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on SEO > Title & Metas and then click on Taxonomies tabs in Yoast by SEO.
  3. Set Meta Robots (Noindex) for category and tags.
  4. Scroll down and Save Changes.
  5. Done.

Screenshot Tutorial

Use Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags

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