Stop Wasting Time And Start How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post

How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post

How To Use Keywords In Your Blog Post: One of the biggest factors of drive more traffic on the blog is search engine especially Google search engine most of the audience prefer the google search engine to find their result. So you can boost your blog traffic by implementing Search Engine Optimization. Then you have to find the right keyword which would help you to boost organic traffic for your blog.

The Best Way of Use Keywords in Blog Post Titles

One of the best ways to increase the chance of blog post is placed target keyword in the post title.

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 Use Just One or Two Keyword Phrases per Blog Post

 To maximize the traffic for newbie blog first focus on the blog post title and always place the keyword in blog post title with also In blog. Too many keyword phrases may spoil the user experience also which may look spam of content. You can use Long Tail Keywords to maximize the chance of rank of your blog post.

Use Keywords Throughout Your Blog Posts

 Always use the keywords at right time with a right place in a blog post, unnecessary keyword placement in the blog post would be keyword stuffing that may directly effect on the rule of search engine algorithms, so always put keyword where should we can place.

 Use Keywords in and Around Links

Whenever Google bots come on a blog post and scan the first link so expert believes that use target keyword on the link to redirect from one post to another post is more likely to use the keyword on unlink text. So try to make it easy navigation and keep engage the user through internal linking.

Use Keywords in Image Alt-Tags

When we start writing a blog post using a graphic is the best way to engage the audience so when we upload the image most of the CMS allow us to a title and alternate tag Alt. ALT tag is very important for the Google search engine always this is a very important term of on-page search engine optimization. So always use the keyword in ALT tag of the image.


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