How to Submit Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster

How to Submit Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster

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In this tutorial i will explain  How to Submit Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster for Google Console

When we create website for our blog or website we don’t know how the page will list in google search engine

Results Page  (SERP) of google search .

And when we thing about google search engine , we thing i have to pay google for rank our website pages in google search engine , No it’s really wrong thinking we just have to know about google webmaster and Sitemap .

How to Submit Your Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster

What is Sitemap  ?

Sitemap is very important part of our website and blog , because  it’s tell the website structure to google that google can identify  your website and list your pages in google search Engine .

a sitemap is a complete index of your blog that you want search engine bots to see.

How to Generate Sitemap for our Website Normal Website ?

There are many online website , that provide us free services to generate the website or blog sitemap free .

Download Link  : Generate Sitemap Online

How to check and where to upload the sitemap File in website –

1 ) If you are generating sitemap online website just download on your desktop computer

2 ) Rename the sitemap  from download file to sitemap.xml

3 ) Upload the sitemap to Doc root Of website

4 ) if you are using Cpanel to upload files then Go Click on /public_html/

5 ) Upload the sitemap.xml in /public_html/  to your website

How to check and where to upload the sitemap File in website

We all are very confuse about our uploaded sitemap are working or not which we have uploaded in our website,

so if you want to check that sitemap are in working are missing from website .

Just Enter the in browser  and all page and category will listing in Sitemap

Bellow are the  Screenshot :

submit xml sitemap in webmaster tool

Final Discuss How to Submit Website Sitemap to Google Webmaster

Now  we have done every thing and going to submit our website sitemap to Google webmasters and google search console .

1 ) Enter the following url in our web browser Webmasters URL

2 ) Login with your gmail Credential

3 ) Click on sitemap of left bar of Google webmasters

4 ) Click on Add Sitemap button of Top of Google webmaster on right side

5 ) Enter the sitemap url and text field and submit of webmaster

6 ) Finish

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Two step to submit Xml sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool


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