How To Set and Get Cookie Using JavaScript

How To Set and Get Cookie Using JavaScript

By: SolutionsHint    30 views Updated: 10th Sep, 2018
How To Set and Get Cookie Using JavaScript

Hello Tech, in this post I will explain How To Set and Get Cookie Using JavaScript and also will explain where the cookie stored on your browser for Chrome, a cookie is really helpful for identifying the visitor and store their information for next visit. But non-technical always have a question that what is cookie and whatsis use of that?? but I understand that all the figures are not equal the same as a concept applies here.

What is Cookie and what is the benefits of cookie?

A cookie is nothing just store the visitor information into browser history for the next time, suppose you have visited solutionshint.com first that page will load slowly because of the browser doesn’t know you. who are you and what about you?? but after the first visit browser will have all the information about you because they have already stored information regarding you and page will load quicker than first time load, This is the concept of cookie.

How To Set and Get Cookie Using JavaScript

Note: In the next post, I will explain how to check cookie where is stored in the browser

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