How to Schedule Post on WordPress Blog | Beginners Guide

How to Schedule Post on WordPress Blog | Beginners Guide

By: SolutionsHint    26 views Updated: 10th Jan, 2018
How to Schedule Post on WordPress Blog

Scheduling your post in WordPress is really great feature for the blogger that may set schedule time for automatic to publish blog post according to the event calendar. Some time situation come and we have to think about post publishing according to time and day.

But if you are blogging throng WordPress CMS, they must know about one of the great features of WordPress and may be useful for you also in some situation.

How to Schedule Post on WordPress Blog

Step by step guide to set the auto post to publish in WordPress.

  1. Login to WordPress dashboard by clicking that link.
  2. Click on Post > Add New post.
  3. Write your article title and description same as you wrote before in WordPress post.
  4. After writing each and everything now needs to set schedule of your post publishing time, date etc.
  5. Now click on top write above Publish button (Publish immediately Edit) button.
  6. Now you can set date and time according to your requirement.
  7. Done

Schedule WordPress Post

Hope this help for WordPress Bloggers

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