How to Schedule Mail in Gmail – 2019 Guide

2 July, 2019 Hozaifa Sheikh 108 Views
How to Schedule Mail in Gmail

Everyone knows How to send email in Gmail but some of are not aware with How to Schedule mail in Gmail account. If you are professional internet users and doing job and business then in some situation you need to schedule the mail in Gmail account So we here I will explain about Gmail scheduling.

Why Schedule Mail in Gmail?

Case1: Suppose you are professional and you daily send project report at the same time, and due to an emergency you plan to move somewhere else, then, in this case, you can schedule mail in Gmail and can send on time and date according to you.

Case 2: Suppose your wife birthday is on 3rd June and on 1st June you plane to move out of the country, and you thought I would forget to wish them on time due to a busy schedule, in this, you can schedule mail in your Gmail account and wish them on time according to birthday.

How to Schedule Mail in Gmail Account

To send Schedule Mail in Gmail Follow these steps:

  • Download Boomerang or RightInbox Extention
  • These extensions are available for Safari, Firefox, Chrome web browser
  • So download and install the extension on your browser
  • Restart browser after install
  • Now Sign in your Gmail account
  • Click on Compose Mail
  • Now Click on the Dropdown button just right of the Send button
  • Enter Date, and time and timezone and Click on the Schedule send button to proceed

Note: Boomerang & RightInbox allow us to send 10 Schedule Mail for Gmail account every month.

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