How To Retrieve Data From Database in WordPress – Custom Table Guide

How To Retrieve Data From Database in WordPress

Hello everyone, in the previous article I explained how to insert data into custom table WordPress, so now I will cover how to retrieve data using a custom plugin from WordPress custom table. To fetch the data we created a shortcode and display with a shortcode.

Follow these Steps How To Retrieve Data From Database in WordPress

  1. Create a plugin inside wp-content/plugins/student-details.php, you can create as per your requirement, it doesn’t mean, you also create with the same name, I created and explaining only for example.
  2. Now just go to the WordPress dashboard and find the plugin “student Details” and activate them.
  3. Now add post or page and enter shortcode to display the data from student table WordPress.
  4. You can refer previous article post for the creating student table by click this link.


Don’t forget to drop a comment if anything misses from my side.


  1. This is really good and easy to understand. Thank you! If I want to create a bar chart, or some sort of chart report using the data from the database table in wordpress, how do I do that? Thanks.


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