How to Resize a volume in AWS EC2

30 Mar, 2019

In this article I will explain How to resize a volume in aws EC2, because I am using free hosting of AWS and we can use 30GB of MySql storage, and when I was installing WordPress I forgot to resize because by default only 10GB selection provided from aws hosting, so letter I realize to resize the volume from 10GB to 30GB.

Step By StepĀ  Guide to Resize a volume in AWS EC2

  1. First login into your aws account using
  2. Click on sign in the console on top right
  3. After successful login click on volume from the left sidebar
  4. Select the volume and click on the action button
  5. Click on modify the volume
  6. Enter the 30 from 10 and click on modify button
  7. You have successfully resized a volume for EC2



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