Awesome Tips to How to Reduce Bounce Rate and increase Conversion

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Whenever we talk about increasing traffic for a blog, we miss one of the most important factors of any search engines ( Bounce Rate ). If you are a blogger and writing search engine optimized content then you should know the basic aspect of Google search engine optimization, and what is are factor that effect on the blog for google ranking.

we are talking about Bounce Rate we analyze website traffic through google analytics, because google analytics is a really great way to track everything into a single home, so if you want to measure your blog success just see your bounce rate into google analytics account.

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Google analytics is the best way to analyze all user activity for your blog and now we will discuss on to reduce bounce rate, and a possible way to reduce the bounce rate for website/blog.

Awesome Tips How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Follow These Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate to reduce the bounce rate on your blog.

1. Website Design and Loading Time

The first impression is the last impression, this is the most common word used by the people in the normal world, but it’s also suited for website design and website loading time. When visitor comes to website/blog they first notice about website loading time and website design , Nowadays everyone is following social media to share blog post , so always make sure your website loading time should be good that visitor can be spent some more time on your blog that may reduce the bounce rate for your website/blog.

2. Always open External Website in New Tab

Whenever we start witting some time we miss one of the great points that will be more harmful to our blog. Google has a lot of SEO factor for google ranking so they have one more factor outbound links, so we always use the outbound link( External link) into the blog post for other website references.

So always open external website link in a new tab during outbound link. if you are using WordPress for your blog so it’s really easy to open an external link into the new tab.


Inter linking

For non-WordPress Developer:

<a href=”External-Site-URL” target=”_blank”>Title</a>.

3. Article Quality and Quantity

Everyone knows the quality always attract the user’s attention, so whenever you write the article first and important thing always writes a user-friendly and unique article that may help the audience and keep engage for a longer time.

Make your article easy to read for your visitors. Try to give a style to your headings (H2, H3, H4), and use them to make your content readable. this will definitely help to drive more traffic from social media site and will reduce the bounce rate for your website/blog.

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4. Similar Blog Post

Showing related post on our blog is a great way to engage the visor for the longest time. Whenever a user comes to our website/blog, the first important thing to know “he comes from?” and if come from social media site then obviously may increase the chance of bounce rate. So, in this case, the related post is a good way to reduce bounce rate and engage visitor through the related post.

5. Post to Post Inter Linking

Nowadays everyone is aware of the Google Panda update, that internal linking play a very important role in Search Engine Optimization and also for google ranking. Because of the bounce rate,  before that panda update, people used to write one smart article and rank based on comma separate keyword. But after recent Google Panda update the value of meta keyword is change and Google become smarter, now we to write more article to rank our blog post, so post to post internal linking is become most important SEO factor for google search ranking.

So always use internal linking at the right time at the right place for user navigation to reduce bounce rate for your website/blog.

6. Chat System

This is a really powerful way to reduce bounce rate for our blog, because some time user come on our blog through social media and with irrelevant keyword, in this case, if they are not getting the right information , definitely he will exit from website/blog and no longer will stay , so bounce rate will be increased.

So using a Chat system for your blog is the best way to reduce bounce rate for your website/blog.

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