How to Redirect 404 Page to Homepage in WordPress

How to Redirect 404 Page to Homepage in WordPress

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How to Redirect 404 Pages to Homepage WordPress

In this tutorial, i will explain how to redirect all 404 pages to Homepage in WordPress because more 404 pages are not a good sign of quality website and it directly effects on website ranking so always try to find and fix 404 pages form your blog to increase the chance of Google search engine ranking.

The reason behind 404 ( page not found) may be any, sometimes we use many internal linking for a blog post and we change the post URL so in this case 404 error( Page not Found) may occur in your website.

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404 error (Page not found) may occur if we are using internal linking of our blog post and maybe a mismatch in spelling that is another case of 404 error, so I always suggest you be alert with 404 error and always keep your blog happy and healthy with such types of error.

If you are using WordPress to blogging then it’s the best way to handle 404  with a great plugin is broken link checker which always notify about broken links and page path and edit fixed them.

Download Broken Link Checker Plugin

What is 404 Page Error ( Page Not Found)?

404 page are those page which exists before on website but currently doesn’t exist on the website is called as 404 error and in another language can say (page not found). 

What is 404 error pages?

How To Redirect All 404 Pages to Homepage in WordPress?

Suppose you have created your website and you have done many posts, and your website pages are a crawl in google, after any reason you have deleted post or content from your website. Then user search and hit the URL from Google and page does not exist so he, she will face 404 page. So in this case user, it spoils the user’s experience and the user may exist from your website and increase the bounce rate of your blog.

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Which is Best Plugin For Redirection 404 to Homepage

Just go to WordPress Plugin and search for Plugin for Redirection 404 to Home Page you will get the plugin list, just download and install All 404 Redirect to Homepage to using your website.

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