How To Prevent Direct Access To URLs in PHP

How To Prevent Direct Access To URLs in PHP

Hello everyone, in this tutorial I will share some basic security tips How to Prevent Direct Access to URLs in PHP for PHP web application, if you are using content management system to manage your web application then don’t worry because most of CMS is built with security, but when we try to build web application custom with PHP technology then we should care about everything. Because web security is very important for any application it’s doesn’t matter which technology you are using to build.

So if you are one of them who have already built a web application and have skipped some basic website security so please follow these steps and make it secure instantly.

How To Prevent Direct Access To URLs in PHP

There is a different way to make it secure, so pick one of the following ways to make it secure.

Step 1: Sometimes PHP redirection doesn’t work because of too many header locations so you can use header location with Javascript.

Step 2: Another way you can do it from the complete code of PHP, so first you create access denied or 404 pages before doing it.

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