How To Modify The Default Excerpt Length in WordPress

One of the biggest reasons to use WordPress for blogging is WordPress offers a simple user interface along with with a lot of inbuilt functions like SEO, and any third party plugin who help t0 improve and enhance the functionality of WordPress site without any technical knowledge.  So here I am to discuss  How to Modify The Default Excerpt Length In WordPress because by default WordPress offer 55 words with excerpt(). if we want to modify the limit of excerpt content then WordPress provides the hooks and filter who help to modify the excerpt word limit without writing more lines of code.

You can read and learn about the the_excerpt from WordPress codex.

Why Need To Display Excerpt content Instead of Full content in WordPress?

A WordPress the_excerpt basically offer the short summary of content with default 55-word limit, it can be modified according to you, so here we will give the list of reason why we use excerpt instead of the full content in the blog website.

  • Best for SEO
  • It creates great user experience with excerpt limit
  • Avoid the duplicate from the blog
  • Improve the performance of the website instead of loading whole content into a blog
  • It helps the reduce the bounce rate of the website to show short summary of the blog instead of whole post content

How To Change The Default Excerpt Length In WordPress

WordPress offers the Hooks, Filter to modify the core functionality of WordPress site also extend the functionality of WordPress site, so to modify the excerpt length of default WordPress excerpt length from less than 55 WordPress or more than then use WordPress filter exceprt_lenght filter who helps to modify the word limit of excerpt content.

Follow Step How To Modify The Default Excerpt Length In WordPress

Step 1: Open functions.php file in currently active WordPress theme.

Step 2: Paste this code bottom of the file and save.

Step 3: You are done, anything else let me know in the comment.

if you have any queries related to Change The Default Excerpt Length In WordPress please drop a comment.

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