How To Manually Install WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu

27 Jan, 2018

In this tutorial, I will guide you  “How to manually install WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu” for Lamp server, to install WordPress is really easy and simple, first need install Lamp Server and then download & install the latest version of WordPress from the official site and extract download from official site.

 How to manually install WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu

If you planned to work on WordPress for blogging then it’s really great, to start set up WordPress locally you need to download latest version of WordPress download from official site.

Follow These Steps To install WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu

  1. Go to WordPress official site and download latest version WordPress from here.
  2. Find the Downloaded file of Word press ( Zip) file extract them and rename according to your blog.
  3. Go to Document Root “var/www/html/sitename” .
  4. Go to PHPMyAdmin by entering ” localhost/phpmyadmin” in the browser .
  5. Click on the database then create database name for your blog.
  6. Provide the name of the database for your blog  ( wordpress_test).
  7.  You can create your database name as per your project.
  8.  Now go to the browser and run as  ” localhost/mysitename “.
  9. Enter your information on your blog and Save changes.
  10.  Enter your admin related information and click on complete.
  11. Successfully you have installed WordPress on localhost Ubuntu server.
  12. Done 

WordPress Localhost Installation guide on Ubuntu With Screenshot

Screenshot 1: Enter into PHPMyAdmin using Database credential.

 How to manually install WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu

Screenshot 2: Click on a database to create database name.

manually installation WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu


Screenshot 3: Fill all site-related information 

Ubuntu WordPress installation guide

Screenshot 4: Fill all admin related information 

manually installation WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu server

Screenshot  5: Successfully installed.

install WordPress on Localhost Xampp

Notes: Run your site in browser as   localhost/sitename

In next article, we will cover following topics

Congratulation You have successfully installed WordPress on Localhost Ubuntu.


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