How To Manage WordPress Dashboard: Beginner’s Level

How To Manage WordPress Dashboard: Beginner’s Level

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How To Manage WordPress Dashboard

Hello, everyone in this tutorial I will show you “How To Manage WordPress Dashboard”  step by step. As we know WordPress is top most popular Content Management System(CMS) in the world, and perfect CMS for blogging, so everyone prefers WordPress to build a quick website and blog to start their business.

We can’t only build website, we can create every type of website like, business, eCommerce, travel, news etc using WordPress, there are millions of people worldwide running their business in WordPress site, so if you have planned to start your blog, then this tutorial really helps you to start your first blog.

To manage everything from WordPress dashboard first we need to download and install WordPress on your local computer to manage your post and page from WordPress admin area.

How to Publish Post on WordPress Dashboard

  • First login into WordPress admin panel like localhost/sitename/wp-admin (Localhost Guide).
  • After successful login into your WordPress dashboard.
  • By default, WordPress provides themes are Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Eleven etc.
  • If you want different theme then you can download and install a theme from WordPress official site.
  • Now Click on Posts > Add New to publish your first post.
  • You can choose feature image (image) for your post.
  • Click on publish to publish your first post.

How To Publish Post

How To Create  Category in WordPress

as we seen above that how to publish a post from WordPress dashboard now go next level, how to categorize WordPress post.

  1. Click on Posts > Categories from WordPress dashboard.
  2. Enter your category name and description, leave slug empty in this case WordPress generate machine name from the category list.
  3. You can also create a sub-category for your WordPress category.
  4. Now click on Add New Category button to create your category.
  5. You have successfully created in your WordPress site.

How To Create Category

How To Create  Tags in WordPress

The tag also works as a category but and main motive of the tag to rank your post to Google ranking to tag is really important for any website.

  1. Click on Posts > Tags same as a category.
  2. Enter Tag name and description, leave blank for slug same as category, WordPress generates tag slug from above tag name
  3. If you want user define slug, then enter you slug name for the tag.
  4. Click on Add New Tag button to create WordPress Tag.
  5. Done.

How to Create WordPress Tag

If you have any query feel free and drop your comment.

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