How to Make Secure WordPress Website from hacking & Malware

16 November, 2017 Hozaifa Sheikh 62 Views

In this tutorial i will explain how to secure your  “WordPress ” website from hacking , hacking is nothing its just unknown person get enter into your admin panel without taking your permission is know as hacking .

So if you want to secure your website data and content from ” hacking  &  ” malware “ , you have to follow following guideline to secure your website .

 Make Secure WordPress Website from hacking

1 ) First and important are always keep strong password for your admin area of your website .

2 ) always keep updated  WordPress and plugins , if you are using old version of WordPress for your website then update frequently .

3 ) Use updated plugin for your website , suppose if you are using old version of plugin in  your website then your website can hack easily by hacker and malware .

4 )  Never user expire WordPress plugin for your website .

5 ) Always use popular WordPress Plugin  for your website .

If you have any query related technical skill and development  contact with me at Solutionshint or can comment in comment system for better under standing .

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