How to Make a Facebook Business Page: Social Media Guide

How to Make a Facebook Business Page: Social Media Guide

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Here I will explain How to Make a Facebook Business Page for your business to engage the audience and prompt your business without pay anything to Facebook. Now a day Facebook become more popular in the world that anyone can easily communicate with other people through Facebook. day by day the Facebook follower is rising and Facebook has become more used the social network for now.

There are 900 billion users are using Facebook worldwide, so if you have planned to prompt your business through Facebook page or Facebook fan page, then it’s the perfect way to choose a Facebook page and start engaging the audience.

Why Facebook Business page to Prompt our business?

Ther are a lot of reason why the Facebook page is best to prompt our business, one of common reason is the popularity of Facebook and every one now for the day is internally connected through Facebook, even they are not connected through other social media networking, so it’s really perfect way advertise.

There 900 billion users are using Facebook worldwide, so no need to think about promotion through Facebook and worry about it because another reason Facebook doesn’t charge anything for it. “It’s Free service for Facebook users”.

How to Make a Facebook Business Page

Follow these steps to create your Facebook business page.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. After successful login into your Facebook account scroll and you will see the pages in Explore category on the left sidebar.
  3. Click on pages.
  4. If you are getting then click this link to directly open create your business page from here
  5. Click on Create Page.
  6. Now Facebook will ask which type of business you want to start just select and enter your business name and click on Get Started button.
  7. Now Facebook will ask to upload profile pic if you want, either you can skip proceeding next.
  8. In next steps after profile upload, Facebook will ask to upload your business cover page same as profile, you can upload or can skip its optional depend upon you.
  9. Done.


Step 1: Click in create a page.

Step 2: Select your business page type.

Select Business Type

Step 3: Select the business type and then enter your business name.

Step 4: Upload profile pic.

Upload Profile

Step 5: Upload Cover pic.

Upload Cover Photo

Step 6: Done.

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