How to Integrate Google search In Website

How to Integrate Google search In Website

By: SolutionsHint    44 views Updated: 26th Sep, 2018
How to Integrate Google search In Website

In this post, I will explain How to integrate Google search in our blog, because of the search in a very useful

part of every website or blog that helps the user to navigate quickly by entering their query and  helps users to find desired results quickly than to visit the whole website.

so search reduce the time for the users and get the information instantly according to need.

How to integrate Google search in our Blog?

To integrate the google search in your website just enter the following URL in your web browser Google Link

1. After the entering the following line you have to log in with your Gmail account if you have

2. if you don’t have Gmail account you can create once again

3. The enter your website URL in the text field, as I have mentioned in below screenshot


4.  Then click on Create button

5. after click on create button you will get a new window that will help you to find the script


6. Click on Get Code button then you will get again new window and copy that code and put where you want to display in your website or blog.

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