How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress – Beginner’s Guide

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress – Beginner’s Guide

By: SolutionsHint    31 views Updated: 09th Jan, 2018
How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress - Beginner's Guide

When I started blogging from WordPress, i was always think about how to track about visitor and from where i am getting traffic on my website , after specific time. I realise percentage of visitor on my blog is the important key to my blog growth. But it does matter how much traffic you are getting .you just need to have a stats program which will help you to track blog traffic and analyse them.

How to Setup (Install) Google Analytics Account

  1. Go to Google Analytics Account
  2. Login with you Gmail account.
  3. Enter your website related information .
  4. Click on tracking button generate your analytics ID.

Screenshot Tutorial

Step 1: Enter website info here.

Google analytics new property

Step 2: After enter all information click on Get Tracking ID button.

Google analytics new property for your website

Step 3: Congratulation You have successfully created Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Different Method to Configure Google Analytics into Word Pres

Using WordPress Theme:

Just go to your WordPress theme directory find header.php  and insert Google Analytics code before </head> tag.

Example : header.php

Insert Google Analytics into header files

Configure Using WordPress Plugin

Configure Google Analytics Through MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

if you want Google Analytics Dynamically then you can, because one of most popular plugin are available that will help you configure Google Analytics into your WordPress website without touching any files and folder.

Plugin Name : Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

” Step to configure Google Analytics with Monster Insight plugin”

Step 1: Download and install plugin from above plugin link.

Step 2: Go to WordPress Dashboard with your admin Credential.

Step 3: Click on Dashboard > Insights

Step 4: Click on Insights > Settings

Step 5: Enter your Analytics code here.

Video Tutorial

Done !!

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