How to install and Setup WordPress W3 total cache plugin

How to install and Setup WordPress W3 total cache plugin

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Page speed and loading time of page and website are a very important term for the user experience and also for the SEO. In the WordPress, there are Many cache plugin are but some are Favourite plugin are  ” W3 Total Cache ” and  W3 Super Cache. But Major different in all these are ” W3 Total Cache”  are easy to configure and easy to install on the WordPress site. 

w3 total cache settings for wordpress

Everyone is aware with kind of plugin because of popularity and compatibility with WordPress blog ” W3 Total Cache” and W3 Super Cache but if you want to integrate the CDN in your blog then W3 Total Cache is really Amazing

How to Install and Setup WordPress W3 total cache plugin

If you are a beginner in WordPress then learn how to install WordPress plugin, the setup and configuration, W3 Total Cache plugin is most popular plugin for WordPress cache more effective than other cache plugin  of WordPress, so if you planned to install W3 Total Cache on your WordPress blog so don’t  forget to remove complete cache plugin settings and files from WordPress.

Notes  : Don’t use more than 1 cache plugin at same time in your application , suppose you have installed W3 Super Cache in your application and sudden decide to install and configure .

W3 Total Cache Settings for WordPress

Once you download and installed W3 Total Cache on your WordPress blog now follow below step.

1 ) Go to Performance > General enable as per your requirement.

2 ) When You do everything just click on “Save all settings”.

w3 total cache settings for wordress
” General Setting W3 Total Cache “

3) Page Cache Configuration and Setting

How to configure W3 Total Cache plugin in WordPress

4) Minify  Configuration and Setting

Integrate W3 Total Cache plugin in WordPress

5 ) Don’t Forgot to add define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);  in wp-config.php Files

Plugin Types and Downloading Link

Plugin Name: W3 Total Cache

Download: Download W3 Total Cache Plugin

Type: Free

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