WP Super Cache plugin Installation & Configuration for WordPress

28 November, 2017 Hozaifa Sheikh 148 Views

In list of best cache plugin “WP Super Cache ” is one of the best plugin for caching in WordPress , this is really simple and easy to install and configure in WordPress site . Setting and configuration are minimum than W3 Total Cache .

How To Setup Cache Plugin in WordPress With WP Super Cache

Why W3 Super Cache Than W3 Total Cache ?

When ever we talk about page performance and decrease site loading time in the WordPress , we just think about cache then we thing suitable and easy configuration plugin for WordPress which may be easily available and plugin and play with little configuration . 

So if you will find  ” WP Super Cache plugin which have minimum configuration than   WP Super Cache ” .

 WP Super Cache plugin Installation & Configuration for WordPress

Once you have Download and install plugin WP Super Cache in Your WordPress Website . just go to admin panel and activate the plugin to proceed the configuration of WP Super Cache .

1 ) Go to Settings > WP Super Cache  after download  and install plugin

2 ) Click on  WP Super Cache from setting page SettingsWP Super Cache

3 )  Click on “ Caching On Recommended ) button ” then click on Update button to On the caching .

How to Install and Configure WP Super Cache for WordPress

4 ) Click on WP Super CacheAdvance Tab 

Notes : If you have already used any other plugin like ” W3 Total Cache ”  in Your application so please completely remove and install from your WordPress application .

Remove WP_CACHE define from wp-config.php. It looks like define( ‘WP_CACHE’, true ); 

 Remove the Super Cache mod_rewrite rules from your .htaccess

Thank You 

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